Chemtrails Confirmed

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Chemtrails are reported all around the planet and this is the first research record to verify what Airline Pilots, Police Officers, U.S. Marines, Air Traffic Controllers and Tanker Crews are reporting. This book will reveal the scientist who are working n the project, Congressman who oversaw “America’s exotic weapons” project and the details so you can understand the Chemtrail project… More >>

Chemtrails Confirmed

4 thoughts on “Chemtrails Confirmed

  1. Michael Buley

    This book is one of the very few books available on this topic – which is shocking because of how widespread chemtrails are.

    I only became aware of chemtrails a couple months ago. My son had tried to get me to see them a couple YEARS ago, but I could not / would not. The mass hypnosis still had me in its grip: what would OUR government possibly be doing something like that for?

    Finally, I got a DVD off Netflix on Chemtrails (just type Chemtrails into the search line). And my eyes — my mind — were finally opened. The next day — and every day since then — I see them.

    It’s staggering that this spray of poison goes on literally above our heads — every single day. No more ‘all day clear blue skies.’ They’re gone. No more deep blue skies. They’re gone, too, made pale and grayish by years of spraying. If you doubt they exist, then begin your own investigation. This book is powerful. Read it. Spread the word. Try to get people to look up, and finally see. Many will not be able to. Learn. Study. Talk about it. Write to congressmen and papers. If enough of us become educated, and make waves, we can make a difference.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Alan Gross

    I found this to be very informative and confirmed many of my suspicions. Chemtrails are real and I can only hope that more people will learn what is going on right over our heads!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. 2BuckChuck

    I read this book with the hopes of gaining an understanding of what I was personally seeing and photographing.

    Unfortunately, the books contents were little more than what I had already recorded and speculated upon myself.

    Coupled with that disapointment, was the author’s socio/political bias that confuses and muddies the issue even more.

    I only gave it two stars because if you know nothing about these trails, you might learn SOMETHING.
    Rating: 2 / 5


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