Chemtrail Theory Proven False

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – December 4, 2008 ( The invisible killer.

Planes have been known to produce contrails. When the humidity is high in the upper levels, with sub-freezing temperatures, lines in the sky form behind planes. These are known as contrails. Many planes take the skies daily, and many atmospheric conditions can form these trails. What is in them? 

The chemtrail theory states that the government or formal nearby agency, is bringing hundreds of planes to the table, spraying our skies. These normal trails are thought to be deliberate spraying by our government. While it could sound crazy to some, the trails in the sky are not that. They are not spraying us through Southwest, American, or United Airlines, from which I’ve taken my telescope to and seen with my own eyes, these trails that come from the known airliners. 

So if the government is not spraying us, then why are people so sick after a rain or snow event? Burning eyes, trouble breathing, and coughing are main symptoms people have described to me. Does it tie in with chemtrails? It sure does. What people think is the government spraying them with hundreds of planes WORLDWIDE is not the entire fact. The entire fact is simple.

If you start your car, you put chemicals into the air right? Your exhaust is toxic. Stand behind a car exhaust in a garage you’ll never make it out alive if no ventilation is present. What if planes have the same power to poison the skies as cars do. Sure ventilation is more than enough when they fly around, but one fact is missing. 

Precipitation is the leading cause of cleaning our air out. What if the toxins inside plane exhausts precipitates? Rain and snow can absorb these chemicals and bring them to the surface over a large area. What if our very own transportation service in the sky is poisoning the surface as an acid rain effect? 

Ponder that for a second. If contrails are the visible signs of exhausts, then imagine areas that do not have contrails. Do they get toxins? The answer is yes. Of course they do. Contrails are VISIBLE signs of exhaust. Without the atmospheric conditions, these trails cannot be seen. They STILL are poisoning our skies.

Why do contrails linger? Well let me ask you something. Why do tops of thunderstorms (cirrus clouds) linger? As long as the air is super-cooled in the upper atmosphere, ice particles will remain and the visibility of contrails/cirrus clouds can remain for DAYS and drift away.

Chemtrail believers may be believing in the wrong thing. Sure. Our government is probably seeding our clouds as experiments. It surely is happening. However, not all trails in the skies are them. 0.0001% aerial coverage would be the government testing cloud seeding. The rest are commercial airliners, that of which 10,000+ fly the U.S. airspace alone a day. Do you not think 10,000 planes flying North to South, and East to West would not cross each other at one point or another, creating a grid like structure? Look how the grids are. 

Look familiar? The grids are like our city streets here. We have city blocks and if you put smoke behind the cars, they would make a certain grid as they cross each other. It’s just a numbers and space game. Set highways in the skies that planes must follow in order not to crash into one another. 
I can tell you one thing. Not ONCE have I seen a grid like structure over my section of Southern California. Why? Because the planes usually go from North to South. We see lines going North to South. Never or rarely they go East to West in a contrail from. Why? Because KLAX (Los Angeles International Airport) is 40 miles West of my home. The planes that make these trails West of the airport over the Pacific Ocean are coming in and land at that airport, altering my chance of seeing a West to East contrail. Then, when the planes take off from Ontario or Los Angeles, they are too low when they fly over my house to begin a contrail form. They form these over Phoenix, where grids are seen a lot. Grids even are seen Across Kansas and Iowa etc where planes from ALL directions.

For the record. If you have been following my chemtrail maps. You will notice they are accurate. Why? Because these maps are actual forecasts of contrail formation. When contrails will be visible. When contrails can sustain visibility. If you have seen the accuracy of the maps with your own eyes, you then should please understand the danger of chemtrails is not the government. The danger lies with the airline industry poisoning the skies with exhaust, thus precipitating down as acid rain, and poisoning the surface (where life is) .

The fact is, airline exhaust IS THE CHEMTRAIL. Chemicals are in these gases that harm human, plant, and animal life. These chemicals can fall in time and create surface dis-coloring.

If you want hard evidence in this theory…You have seen it. I have been predicting contrail developments from actual meteorological data to support it. Do not be upset that the government is the one not behind all the lines in the skies. Even when trails are not visible, again, there ARE STILL active chemicals coming from plane exhaust. It rains down, and you know the rest. I will continue chemtrail alerts because the exhaust is like a flu. They can be predicted before storms and rain events. It DOES harm people. Take the predictions as you wish now. Know what they are. 

Newton’s laws work perfect for this. “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” 
And a quote from myself. “If you poison the sky, you poison the surface, thus same to poison the surface is to poison the sky.”
Goes well with Newton’s law. 

If you have been following the systems, I do thank you for the support in this, and I do not like telling lies. The truth is there. PLANES ARE CAUSING YOUR SICKNESS, not the government. You may contact me and let me know how you feel about this. I tried everything I possibly could to show you they can be predicted with simple meteorological parameters. Write me a letter. 

Thank you for your time in reading this. I’m always there to give you the truth. You ARE being poisoned, and them chemtrails are real. However, the way you think is not accurate. Planes are the cause. All planes. It’s the invisible killer. 

Kevin D. Martin

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