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Every Family’s Concern About The Air We Breathe

There is no mystery that where ever a person lives on planet earth today they are going to deal with some form of air pollution. There are some small areas here and there that have very low levels of air pollution but they also have very few inhabitants. If you live in or near a big city, near manufacturing or processing facilities you are more than likely breathing in a fair amount of air contaminants. Most people have no idea exactly what is in the air they are breathing every day. Air Quality Control Boards test for and measure very few air contaminants. The National Ambient Air Quality Standards are based on just 6 air pollutants to be  tested and measured for. They are: > Carbon Monoxide [CO[, Nitrogen Oxides [NOX], Particulate Matter [PM], Sulfur Dioxide [SO2], Lead and Ozone. Most Counties in the United States test the air daily for these 6 contaminants but in the Northern California County where I live they only test for one air contaminant and that is for Ozone. No doubt other Counties also vary in what they test for. The reason for this is mostly based on the cost of the equipment, maintenance, etc. Reasonable given our economic conditions in the last few years. Keep in mind this is testing for contaminants, not the removal of them. Through the years many independent outdoor air contaminant tests have been carried out by individuals and organizations around the Country and have had their findings analyzed by EPA Certified Laboratories. Well over 150 air contaminants have been found at high and low levels. It is difficult to get exact, detailed information on most Government air quality test results of contaminants tested for other than the 6 they are mandated to test for. Most independent air contaminant tests, in detail, can be found on the internet. These independent test results bring forth many, many questions in regard to just what is the average American breathing every day while they are outside and exactly where these contaminants are coming from. Also, many questions arise as to what effect do the outside air contaminants have that find their way into our homes and work place when combined with the many known, harmful contaminants found in a typical home or office. Science has long confirmed that when some contaminants combine the result is not good. More on this and other issues in future articles. The harmful contaminants in the air we breathe every day come from many sources of which the majority are human created. Most of the toxins in our air are at low levels but should not be disregarded as harmless because there can be a cumulative effect that must be considered. Most contaminants can build up over time and create problems after years of exposure. Along with the ‘Normal’ sources of air contaminant generation from vehicle exhaust, highway tire wear in the form of microscopic tire particulate release, manufacturing, power plant exhaust, etc. there is one very serious contaminant sources that gets very little media attention and that is the contaminants found in the Chemtrails that are sprayed every day, over every state in America. In the last year it is not unusual to see Chemtrails being sprayed in the morning and then again in the late afternoon. Chemtrails are not unique to America. For years reports, pictures and laboratory test results have come from many Countries around the world and all one has to do is look on the internet at a satellite view of the earth to see that Chemtrailing is  global in proportion. Chemtrailing in America has been going on at least since 1994 and at present has contaminated everything in the open air. People, animals, any plant that grows outside, water ways, etc. and these contaminants find their way indoors from peoples clothing, shoes, pets and through open doors, windows, normal building air intrusions and HVAC air circulation systems. In the last ten years alone, hundreds of tons of harmful contaminants may have been dumped on the land, waterways and population There are hundreds of credible independent laboratory  test results on the internet that show some of the high levels of contaminants being sprayed over our skies every day. High levels of Barium, Aluminum, coated polymer fibers, chemicals and a host of biological pathogens just to name a few. All this may sound crazy or like some sort of a conspiracy but it is not – It is well known documented fact. There has been abundant information available to the public about these ongoing Chemtrail operations for years in non-mainstream media but little to no information about this in the mainstream. The fact is, it is going on every day and this adds to all the other man made contaminant load every person, animal, plant and drinking water source has to deal with. There is no doubt, no question any longer that the extent and depth of contamination in the air we breathe is serious. There have been no studies to date that reveal what the resulting long term health effects are when the contaminants found in the air we breathe combine. There are things that we all can do to reduce and in some instances eliminate the majority of these contaminants from our personal environment to help protect our families and ourselves. We can assure that the food we eat is air born contaminant free by growing it in small raised bed green houses in our back yard. We can protect ourselves,   our pets and our homes, offices and vehicles in very inexpensive ways to improve the quality of our health and life. There are many good and  proven effective natural health products to help a person remove these contaminants and enhance their immune systems to fight off the effects of this constant unavoidable assault. There are very good, highly effective air filtration systems people can use in their homes, work place and vehicles that will remove harmful contaminants and once again let people breathe clean refreshing air. Also, there are high quality, inexpensive water filtration systems that remove most contaminants found in our drinking water and leave in the healthful minerals for good taste and nutrition. In my opinion we are beyond the point of no return because the air quality problem is a lot bigger than eliminating vehicle, factory and power plant contamination though there is no doubt that will help. If these contaminants are addressed, it will take years to realize the effects. Right now it is up to every individual to protect themselves and their family. To start, inform yourself. Also, I highly recommend starting by protecting your home by filtering the air. On the link below you will find some of the most effective air filtration systems for your home, office and vehicle available today along with highly advanced nutritional supplements that help cleanse, restore and invigorate your body. As you can see there are many things we can do to protect help ourselves and our family and at the same time enjoy better health and vitality and who knows, maybe add a few good quality years to our life! > http://www.orderwholesaleonline.com/the_air_we_breathe.html

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