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America Sold Out – The Coming Persecution and Complacency of The Church

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This book is for every citizen of the United States of America and every Jew worldwide. It takes the role as a pointman and although the author’s original intent was to write a book that appeared to be farout fiction, strangely enough, it reads like today’s news. If you want to be prepared for what is coming to America and in many cases has already arrived, this book is a must read and a keeper for any home library.

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The footage in this video shows several clips from one day, you will first see a crow watching all around, then a chemtrail plane flies over with several orbs flying around it, although it was not spraying it could have been sending out a frequency to change the weather as the clouds and rain were not long arriving after the plane flew past. You will then see some clips of the storm building up and the heavy rains that came, at the end you will see the state of the sky after the cloud clears again. All footage shot in black and white mode, with a telephoto lens on a Sony HDR-sr12. Thanks for watching, The Storms are Coming. MUSIC: Apollo 440 – The Man With The Harmonica