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Chem trail evidence- Second video shows chemtrail after 10 minutes i will also iclude photos

I was going along and so happened to see this what an ample oppurtunity to take a video to PROVE to these non believers that are skies are getting polluted with posions and toxins. but as usual the human race just sits by and expect their self to die. WAKE UP MAN PEOPLE YOU THINK THEYVE BEEN COINCEDENTILY TRAILING THE SKIES? FROM THE PAST 2 WEEKS I HAVE TOOK MANY PHOTOS MY SECOND VIDEO SHOWS WHAT THE CHEMTRAIL TURNS INTO 10 MINUTES LATER IS THIS ENOUGH PROOF ????? ITS NOT JUST HAPPENING IN THE UK ITS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE PLACE

Chemtrail photos from around the world SIGN THE PETITION

SIGN THE PETITION HERE petitions.number10.gov.uk See my other video for more links. Pictures from the web and “Strange Days Strange Skies” google for picture information and text. oxoxoxox1 chemtrails petition contrails “Deep Shield” Holmestead aluminium barium climate global warming pollution death lung cancer senile dementia alzheimer’s