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CPU Chemtrail Pilots Unplugged (Please share or mirror)

Please help spread the truth by rating this video A video request to Chemtrail pilots worldwide. We need to know why Chemtrails Become Clouds (CBC) and if they are toxic to the environment, fish, birds, mammals. We need your testimonial and we are willing to research whistle-blower protection legislation to protect your heroic cooperation. To my friends: Please help me share this message to any pilot you may know. Please inform me of whistle-blower protection legislation in your country. SYLVAIN HENRY CONTACT INFO: www.facebook.com www.youtube.com canadianspartacus.wordpress.com www.facebook.com www.facebook.com

Ted Gunderson Blasts FBI and Asks Chemtrail Pilots to Come Forward

Anthony J Hilder interviews Ted L Gunderson, former Chief FBI Agent in Charge in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Memphis, about the present day FBI and the pilots that are flying the chemtrail “death dump” planes. Gunderson blasts the FBI. Then, Gunderson asks the pilots to come forward and “we’ll put you on camera without using your name and your face.” Here’s an article on aircrap.org that contains a transcript of this video: aircrap.org If you are a pilot or you have previously undisclosed, revealing information regarding chemtrail activities, please send email to: aircrap.org@gmail.com