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Chemtrail cloud absorbs rainbow.

I photoed a rainbow over King’s Cross railway station in London, England, because I have recorded 2 ufos and a cloaked UFO over it before, and because the rainbow was right over it and seemed to be big enough to cover it. A minute later, I saw that a grey/chemtrail cloud had absorbed 1/2 of it, so I thought I’d video it, too. I have seen clouds, always with some grey in them I think but not I think chemtrail clouds, absorb halves of rainbows before years ago about 3 times, but I still thought I’d video this anyway, in case anyone was interested. How does a cloud absorb 1/2 of a rainbow? Why is one 1/2 absorbed rather than the other? What causes rainbows, anyway? I know it is said to be to do with raindrops refracting light, but if this is so, why don’t all raindrops create rainbows, all the time? Has anyone ever measured eg electrical activity inside a rainbow, as compared to outside of it? Or tested with a Geiger counter for radioactivity levels inside and outside one? I seem to remember this last test has been done, and the inside was found to be more radioactive than the outside. You could also try using a metal detector. Also, you could take heat and light measurements. Just for information, I may as well mention that this is a chemtrail cloud. Chemtrails have made grey clouds which stay in the sky a lot, even after rain. Grey clouds used to rain away, but much of chemtrail clouds remain after rain. The other clouds which had absorbed 1/2 of rainbows were cumulous