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Back in 2004 (1st March) ..I witnessed my first chemtrail, although I did not know what is was then. It wasn’t long after the invasion of Iraq and I remember thinking ‘What are they doing to us now?’. I watched with people from work as the glowing ring lingered in the sky – the sightings were reported in the newspapers, on local radio and also TV on regional news. I did not buy the story that the trail was caused by a ‘routine manouvere’ ..This was reinforced when the F-15’s returned and performed a succestion of ‘routine manouveres’ above the City of Norwich, last year.

8/18/2011 — HAARP ring outbreak , CA, AZ, OK, MO, IA, MN, TX

Mirrored from my website: download or watch the video there or here on youtube: www.dutchsinse.com areas to watch for the next 24-48 for the possibility of tornadic activity, severe winds, damaging hail, and flash flooding. Santa Barbara California south to San Diego Tulsa Oklahoma north east to Rolla, Missouri Des Moines, Iowa north to Minneapolis, MN.. North to Duluth, MN

5/30/2011 — HAARP Ring outbreak Goodland, KS – Iowa – Chicago – Cleveland – Michigan

Expect severe weather up to and including tornadoes in the following areas due to HAARP Ring activity over each named town: Goodland Kansas Omaha Nebraksa Des Moines Iowa Springfield Illinois North Indiana along the Michigan Border as far west as Chicago as far east as Lorain Ohio / Cleveland Ohio. Also watch Grand Rapids , Grayling, Mio, Michigan— although the state of Michigan may just be the accellerator moving the storms along their track…. we shall see about michigan getting severe.. i don’t quite know yet on this… since it seems the whole state is covered by two of the rings… The rest of the named areas can also be seen by pausing this video and making note of the area, and then compare 2 days later to see what was hit.