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Chemtrail Pilot makes crazy turn. WHO IS IN OUR AIR SPACE.wmv

Fighting Ignorance is one thing! People CAN be educated but Denial & Complacency are Traps. Frankly, I am appalled by the levels of ALL the aforementioned. Oh, some DO know however many more are absolutely clueless. Well – I intend to DO something about that. As Native Son & lifelong resident of the City co-founded by THE Patriarch of my Family & Patriot of The American Revolutionary War (at 16 years old) & ALL the Men in my Family who fought for this Nation (his descendants; my Ancestors), everyone here knows me. I have the priviledge of knowing Judges, attorneys, Law Enforcement, Congressmen, State and US Senators, Doctors, Biologists & Micro Biologists on 1st Name basis. To state that I am PROUD of my Family History would be an understatement. I represent my Family well by being a man of my Word & Integrity. I BELIEVE in Sworn Solemn Oaths and DO NOT TAKE KINDLY to anyone I KNOW to be spewing falsehoods as seems to be the norm these days in Washington DC At any rate this video certainly is NOT about me! It’s about a Crime so insidious that it has yet to be fully comprehended by the Majority of trusting Americans. In videos to come I WILL devulge all I have verified because it IS that important. Watching innocent people harmed & dying, giving Birth to children with “problems”, IS NOT AT ALL ACCEPTABLE TO ME. Enjoy the short clip and DO drop back by because I have a lot of truthful information you ALL really should be aware of. Peace to all friends & subscribers. Bulldog