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On the Edge of Reality: Hidden Technology, Powers of the Mind, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomena, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions, and Crop Circles

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“Colin Andrews’ work has revolutionized my UFO-related research, moving me from nuts and bolts to exploring consciousness as the basis of a new paradigm. On the Edge of Reality deals with the connection between our consciousness and physical reality. I highly recommend that everyone read the book.”
–Grant Cameron, coauthor of UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants

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On Monday 29 Aug 2011 while filming chemtrails passing by the sun I captured a purple ray which on closer inspection discovered what looks like a mesh, it’s absolutely incredible! plus what looks like a ship next to the sun moving in conjunction with a chemplane, plus black chemtrails and ufo projecting holographic plane! Seeing is believing!!!

Enigmatic UFOs & orbs checking Chemtrails, Mar 2012

*Warning* All non-allowed re-uploads will be reported! Ty! ?? Description ?? “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” Some enigmatic photos I took during a sunset, I didn’t realize there was UFOs, till my brother and me said in the same time “look here, there’s something…” We zoomed, and realized that 3 photos of my 14 photos were haunted by UFOs & orbs. They were probably checking the clouds and Chemtrails, and the second photo is unbelievable. 3 UFOs flying over a big Chemtrail, and SHADOWS on the Chemtrail !! I don’t understand. Lights or material objects?! I think they are MATERIAL objects, a light do not create a shadow! Galactic Federation of Lights? ? FOR THE SHADOWS AT 0:32, the position of these shadows is right. The sun is at the left, look at 0:07, I took the 3 photos within 2 minutes, in the sunset. Photos taken by me in France in Suresnes, near Paris, March 2012. Please Subscribe to my hard investigations! www.youtube.com Visit my channel : www.youtube.com ** Warning ** All non-allowed re-uploads of my video will be reported! Thanks! © WTFflow, all rights reserved. “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” ============= PEACE & LIGHT =============

Twin Chemtrail Planes vs. Orb UFO’s

Friday, January 6, 2012 San Diego, CA — Early morning blue skies quickly become overcast after geoengineering aerosol planes spray artificial cloud banks, often two at a time. Unidentified flying objects, or light orbs, appear to fly past and around the chemtrail jets at high speeds. Video clip index: 0:01 Plane sprays two chemtrails in a line and flies away [real time]. 0:42 Plane spraying long chemtrail line [real time]. 0:54 Plane with ufo orb flyby [real time]. 0:59 REPLAY of previous 5 second clip in high contrast [quarter time slow motion]. 1:19 Another plane spraying a long segmented chemtrail [double time]. 1:49 REPLAY of previous 30 second clip in high contrast [real time]. 2:49 Plane sprays across expanded chemtrail — note the size of the fresh “contrail” in relation to how wide the previous trails have spread out [real time]. 3:06 Another plane spraying a long chemtrail [double time]. 3:15 Same plane continued [double time]. 3:22 Same plane continued [double time]. 3:30 Same plane continued [double time]. 3:43 REPLAY of part of previous 12 second clip in high contrast [real time]. 3:53 Plane curves left and continues spraying across another spread out chemtrail [double time]. 4:27 Two military Osprey aircraft fly by in clear view of the chemtrail operations [real time]. 4:46 Another plane curves to the left after spraying a long chemtrail [double time]. 5:01 Twin chem planes spraying at the same time [double time]. 5:06 Twin chem planes head toward same area