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Chemtrail and very odd plane possibly an enigmatic Ghost Planes 24/06/12 Exmoor Devon England

I was filming this with a couple of my close friends. Trying to turn them from sheeple to people, a slow process but there is progress. The guy asking what type of plane is it works for a major aeronautics corporation that make parts for eveything from euro fighters to air buses. He is currently seeing con trials but I will ram this down his throat till he sees chemtrails..The plane really did look extremely strange especially through my binos. Peace

Some large UFOs very close Space shutte – HD

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4/21/2011 — Manchester Georgia “Scalar Square” and VERY ODD ring over North Florida

Manchester Georgia, Leesville Louisiana, Ridgeland Mississippi, Mobile Alabama, and Tallahassee Florida, — within 24-48 hours AFTER this current set of storms blows through.. be prepared for severe weather up to and including tornadoes. This is due to a ‘Scalar Square’ appearing over your area with your town as the epicenter. I base this warning on the appearing of what I call “HAARP VLF UHF rings” to the west. Several large rings have appeared as far west as Leesville Louisiana, eastward to Ridgeland Mississippi, Mobile Alabama, and a VERY ODD large set of rings.. one of which I can make the center to be Tallahassee Florida.. the other large odd ring.. I cannot figure out the epicenter.. Add all this together.. the scalar square, the moderate mid sized HAARP VLF rings, and this VERY ODD “skinny ring” from Florida… Leads me to issue the warning that within 24-48 hours AFTER THIS STORM blows through.. there will be additional Sever weather hitting the above named towns DIRECTLY with the most severe parts of the storms that have not formed yet. peace to one another dutchsinse FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such

CHEMTRAIL BUSTER! New! Easy to make very powerful tool against CHEMTRAILS!

CHEMTRAIL BUSTER! New! Easy to make very powerful tool against CHEMTRAILS! Not only this tool cleans up atmposphere,restores air and beautiful blue skies! It also destroys chemtrails..Goodbye chemtrails ,Hello Blue skies is what antichemtrail Obolix is all about. The creator of this powerful antichemtrail,restore air,clean atmopshere is a young man living in SWISS. His knowlege about METALS and Chrystals “in general mineral stones and ancient metals ,lead him to this WONDERFUL discovery based on very LOGIC and simple teories! The creator of antichemtrail is also know as Ea on youtube. By visiting his chanel you can watch his 4 videos put up on line ,in FRENCH, and ENGLISH for those fo you who want to see the process of making and learn more about him and his Teory; I know what you read and see sounds unbleivable but it is TRUE and it works. Human mind is beautiful after all we are image of our creator! And will always find a way to overcome the diffuclties put up in fron tof us by EVIL minded people!. Beautiful people have always beautiful solutions..I thank Ea for his wonderful discovery and I praise Father for beautiful people! This discovery is very NEW to public and we have to make it go VIRAL to save not only the HUMANITY but the EARTH and course of very distablised NATURE because of chemtrails as well. Obolix official site: projectobolix.org Ea chanel Youtube: www.youtube.com !