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Wake Up!: Preparing for the End-Times Outpouring

Product Description
Wake Up! Preparing for the End-Times Outpouring is a trumpet calling the body of Christ to wake up to the fact that we are living in the “post defeat of the saints era” (see Dan. 7:21). Wake Up! gives the historical evidence of the defeat of the saints; in contrast it looks at the characters of Daniel and his friends and the first disciples and shows how they acted and responded to the stimulus from their culture, so they could be effective witnesses for Jesus Chris… More >>

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Top 20 Lies Revealed- To Help Your Friends Wake Up -Read Description

Fantastic list to share with your unaware friends and family. Pls. Repost. Uploaded by www.youtube.com xSavant states: THIS RESEARCH HAS TAKEN ME A LONG TIME TO SIFT THROUGH & ORGANIZE. THE INFORMATION THAT MOST OF YOU REQUEST IS OUT THERE IF YOU WOULD ONLY TAKE THE TIME TO FIND IT & DISCERN THE FACTS FROM THE FICTIONS. HOWEVER, I UNDERSTAND THAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T HAVE THE TIME THESE DAYS, DUE TO THE VARIOUS STRESSES OF LIFE, SO THAT’S WHY I DO WHAT I DO. IT’S ESSENTIAL TO REMEMBER – NOBODY CAN “SHOW” YOU THE ULTIMATE TRUTH, IT HAS TO BE REALIZED. I HOPE THAT TRUTH WILL FIND YOU… ~ REFERENCES ~ FLUORIDE & RAT POISON: 1) www.whale.to 2) www.nofluoride.com 3) douglassreport.com CURRENT SOURCES OF FLUORIDE: www.fluoridealert.org FLUORIDE MANUFACTURERS: www.fluoridealert.org OTHER FLUORIDE LINKS: www.fluoridealert.org www.greaterthings.com www.fluoridation.com microwaterman.com www.fluoridealert.org CHEMTRAIL / GEO-ENGINEERING LINKS: House of Commons admits www.publications.parliament.uk www.geoengineeringwatch.org omega.twoday.net LAW / LEGAL LINKS: www.natural-person.ca famguardian.org www.admiraltylawguide.com www.deliberatedumbingdown.com www.law.cornell.edu www.4shared.com ADMIRALTY PROCEDURES TO ARREST A “VESSEL” www.usmarshals.gov ROTHSCHILD LINKS www.iamthewitness.com www.historyforsale.com GLOBAL WARMING LINKS: video.google.ca GOOGLE VIDEO: Wake Up Call – video.google.com MAX IGAN – THE CROWHOUSE www.thecrowhouse.com FREEMAN TV freemantv.com ALAN WATTS www