[1 of 2] Alan Watt – Chemtrail information and history

Article discussed in the video: www.wiseupjournal.com Weather modification: noelozzy.50webs.com History and info of the Global Warming myth: www.21stcenturysciencetech.com www.infowars.com www.infowars.com earthpro.info www.c3headlines.com Watch “What in the world are they spraying?” (Chemtrails): www.youtube.com Speaker is Alan Watt: www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com

15 thoughts on “[1 of 2] Alan Watt – Chemtrail information and history

  1. Berniecopycat1947

    hello Alan,and all viewers and listerners of this video stream,….HOLD THE BUS !!!!
    I have studied this subject since 1999 (including 8 years of independent,empirical documented field study) it worries me that ‘everybody else who discusses this subject,carefully sellects the data that supports their model’…It’s obvious that they’re creating artificial cloud.but why during a full moon.Just watch as the next sunspot peak draws near..
    …contact me…..isolutionsukltd3@aol.com

  2. SimmerInJuly

    Representative Dwayne Taylor: The aerosolized aluminum oxide propellant that’s being sprayed into our stratosphere from? tanker jet planes, and utilized in the name of terra-forming and aerial obscuration, is THE cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. What are you doing to stop the poisoning of the land and citizens of your district? — Sincerely, Richard Thripp
    P.S.: I want to hear from YOU, not a secretary.

  3. MatrixExposed

    Chemtrials are defo for real. Have a look at my channel for my new chemtrial video’s, there flying over my hometown all the time!

  4. joelongshot

    this is sad you get very little views I feel like crying, how is everyone alseep to this stuff, how did THEY accomplish keeping people in the Matirx, I dont understand, however thank you for taking the time to share this, I just wish more people saw this and cared more about whats going on.

  5. 32GaugeSlug

    @sim0b I’ve seen it before; it’s basically to do with the suns position and the sun casting a shadow infront of the plane against small and not so thick cloud from the chemtrail behind the plane.

  6. looneybinbri

    trying to tell sheeple abpout chemtrails is like trying to push an egg through the eye of a needle,It just aint going to happen.


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