1 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Free DVD of entire film available for download at: thepiratebay.org Ever wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day, why people are coughing and getting sick, and why everything on the news is suddenly a crisis?… This film is handed out to anyone with a free hand where I…

25 thoughts on “1 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. MikeFromTheUK1

    This documentary needs to be condensed, take out all the junk and leave the most effective and powerful points, information and facts.

  2. colham1

    this could be a good video but its drawn out , get to the point get rid of the music and the shity narration ,then it may just be bearable to watch. nice work

  3. 55555annie

    Does anyone have the time and patience to explain how to work auto-play in YT? I’m usually pretty savvy with technology but can’t figure out how to do this, simply! I know I can add each clip to favorites but that’s so time-consuming. Thanks very much if you can help. Peace!

  4. Bensims777

    Nice could someone send me a copy of this film I’ll burn loads and hand them out .I don’t get people what’s there to understand the government hate us and bill gates wants his death panel
    And his mass population redection

  5. Skywitness

    Great video…Here’s another chemtrail video which is coming out soon:

    “G. Edward Griffin talks about new CHEMTRAIL film”


  6. 911truthfarmer

    Nice work, many thanks for helping expose this crime against humanity. Most people are so afraid to admit it to themselves that there are sinister forces at play. Whenever the government or military says they are “thinking” about or are “considering” doing something like this, rest assured they are already doing it and have been for a long time. Technology is WAY ahead of what the public thinks is possible. Unfortunately the military always controls it.
    I wish you’d used a real human voice.

  7. Mindcrime1994

    @zmmzombie as far as “More Important things going on” ,,LOL I Can Multi Task for One,,and Secondly, There is Hardly Anything more Important than a Bunch of Planes Flying Around Spraying Chemicals in Our Atmosphere.

  8. Mindcrime1994

    I Have Documents to Prove the Aresol Programs Exist,the Web Has Official Websites that Showcase the Weather Modification Programs Sponsored By the US Government. It’s in 5th Grade Science Books in the Public School System,and If You Want to Believe the Denials of a Bunch of Lying Ass Politicians and Bureaucrats, Your Choice. There are Thousands of Other Who Believe the Slimy Snakes Bullshit as Well. Doesn’t Change the Fact that the Programs Exist,and Doesn’t change What My own EYES can See.

  9. zmmzombie

    @Mindcrime1994 So you actually believe that chemtrails exist? Even though the US Airforce, the British department for environment, food and rural affairs and the canadian leader of the government in the house of commons have all stated that there is no scientific evidence that they exist?

    Its your choice if u want to believe in this crap. But to be honest, more important things are going on.

  10. Mindcrime1994

    @zmmzombie How About you try watching the Videos, and Actually Paying Attention to Them. Your Answer is Provided Within.

  11. Mindcrime1994

    Thanks for Posting, Wish i Could’ve Got the Whole Movie in One Clip, But That Torrent”” Crap is Crap, Beyond Me. Great Film, Anyone Who Gives it a Thumbs Down ( 47 people as of oct 4th 2010 ) is a friggin Idiot and a Traitor to the Truth and Mankind.

  12. Mindcrime1994

    @zmmzombie No They Are Not Contrails Get An Education or a New Job, and Don’t Comment on Shit You Don’t Know About.

  13. aaishasmusic1963

    Wow this video os so amazing. The chemtrails were really bad in summer of 2009 and in the fall, so many people got sick including my mom and I. I was so afraid because of the mandatory vaccine’s being given to the sick people.

    This video is one of the best about chemtrails

  14. robbynood

    if chemtrails dont exist then why are they mentioned second on a list of exotic WEAPON systems in the space preservation act 2001? answer that question and i may start listening .

  15. aramhampson

    this exact thing happened just two days ago. perfectly clear day turned to weird clouds that did not blow in but materialized. They were a dinghy brownish

  16. zmmzombie

    These are just contrails…. its essentially a cloud. Last time i checked, clouds don’t make you cough, or sick.


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