10 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Analysis of official story explanations, exposing the glaring inconsistencies and down-right lies. This section also dissects NASA’s Contrail Factsheet and Contrail Education, and reveals official government documents that show chemtrails are a WEAPONS SYSTEM. global warming documentary…

22 thoughts on “10 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. longliveafter2012

    more info :
    1.project honey bee top secret and chemtrails .
    2. how humans make rain_the scien
    3. cloud seeding experiiiment.

  2. Jobana

    “Inhaling sulfur dioxide is associated with increased respiratory symptoms and disease, difficulty in breathing, and premature death”

  3. iceisnice61

    I always want to throttle these assholes who insist the govnt. would NEVER do anything “Nafarious (sp?) to it citizens.
    NY Subway tests for nerve agent in the 60s and 70s.
    The Nuclear Tests on troops in the 40s 50s 60s.
    Project Green River. The release of 15,000 RADS of radioactive isotopes from the Hanford Nuclear site in the 50s. 3 Mile Island, that shit show in the 70s, released 3, yes 3. Compared to 15,000.
    These are just but a few horror tests.

  4. belvedere106

    We are going right into catastrophy if the “elite” gets their plans in working for good..

    They will destroy earth messing with our climate, ozon and soundwaves, gravety and Einstein’s laws..

    Watch the Matrix part over and over again to clean ur harddisk.. I am sure they made this movie for the sake of human kind.. Forget about part 2 and 3.. they are just programs to get u back to were u came from.. a slave!

    So see it a few times, just as the second renausance on the Animatrix..

  5. Nanumir

    do you reckon MS-like and ALS-like symptoms with no apparent cause could be caused by sprayes used in chemtrail formation???

  6. neverbeenfree

    The government is trying to kill you. The chemtrails create global warming and various illnesses. Since no one in the government is doing anything to stop the chemtrails, they are all complicit. They are all murderers. Luckily, I have no children. If I did, I would go mad over the government’s attempts to murder us all. They first started spraying here in Florida in 2005. The X marks were directly over my house, so I began photographing them then. It is us or them. A military plane over your air

  7. IsabellaVisconti911

    I will view your video about HAARP. Based upon research, I agree that this spraying is linked to the technology employed with HAARP. Further, the two are involved with thought control through designed frequency manipulation. Amazing what can be found online at the USA patent office….

  8. IsabellaVisconti911

    This spraying ignores nations’ sovereignty. It is planned by globalists, Bilderberg. They’re meeting in Greece 5/15/09 under the most intensive security ever. We are in crisis, planned by them. They utilize problem/reaction/solution to further their agenda. When full disclosure happens, they will claim the spraying is saving us. By incremenalism they program us into acceptance. Give the sheeple a fear, they will follow it anywhere. This is about control on many levels. Enslavement.

  9. wizardangel

    my video HARRP History gives many distrubing details -often I also find radar weather scans with circles apearing in groups rotating ,bumping storms to stale or nuge in a direction- proof we are under a unseen network ran by highly questionable motives-my NEVADA scan lends great weight to earthquake inducement-it was aimed at the long vally cauldari ,mt st Hellen blast was just a fire cracker compaired to what if activated ,this nest of volcano’s would produce in ash alone-all require Chemtrails

  10. Matey3

    I just googled HR 2977
    You do the same and then take a pick!
    Specially about electronic ways in controlling your mind. it is a well known-documented fact and been around for many many years.

  11. jennygoddard

    Next time email me, I will get it for you and send it on.. you can send me the chq.
    Bastard banks, even with tax payers money they are still calling the tune.
    When will people wake up, and demand the be accounted for?

  12. gangstagrannie

    Bought some today from local health shop – 450mg per capsule – makes it more difficult doesn’t it? – problem is metabolics don’t accept my debit card so I have to send a cheque, which ended up costing me an extra £50 last time because it bounced twice without my knowledge – no wonder banks are so rich. The money was in my account same day on both occasions but still couldn’t claim it back.

  13. jennygoddard

    Please take the Olive leaf, 2 caps three times a day for two weeks, it WILL kill the virus, you have to be very persistant, and take a high dose to get it into the cell, not just the blood, the cough will go, Silve is good, but cannot kill this mycoplasma, Olive does but only at that high dose. 500mg per cap.

  14. gangstagrannie

    Yes, I’ve had that cough since I had the virus – I think I had a chest infection judging by the rainbow colours I was coughing up and by the way I was so out of breath. The cough just won’t go now and its still colourful at times – this is over 2 months on.
    Going to try more colloidal silver – seemed to help before.

  15. jennygoddard

    Without a doubt, more people getting sick, same illness going around, flu like, chest infections and sinus problems with dizzyness, all year round, worse in winter months, vius does not go away, leaves a persistant cough.


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