After and extensive research we bring you here, what we learned about CHEMTRAILS, and what authorities are doing about it. They don’t only weakend our immune system, and hurts our lungs and digestive system, but they are also used for MIND CONTROL. After you see this video, we hope that you start doing something about it, in you community, your state or your country. We are Humans, but we are being treated as animals ready to be slaughtered. NAMASTE!


  1. JustLoveTruth

    See these vids on NASA’s secret Morgllonsa Project, tied directly to chemtrail spraying…Joni Mitchell is one of the thousands who suffer with this ‘nightmare from outer space’: youtube.com/watch?v=0jt0EFwP4dI

  2. Ringei144

    lately? I’ve seen this shit for as far back as i can remember, planes have been doing that for a long ass time.

  3. Chidanandaji

    @bonaventuraaa I once considered seriously the chemtrail theory. However, after looking at the science behind contrails, which do spread and which do last for hours, I put together a web blog titled: “Why Contrails are not Chemtrails – by Bill Woollam” any investigator may Google that .

    I also have investigated the reasons for war on Libya. My blog is titled: “The Battle For Libyan Oil Fields – by Bill Woollam” Google that.

    I provide plenty of research links and videos and articles.

  4. Angel40081

    At 6:29 on this video, I dont know what you fully believe, but review other you tube sites about aliens and faces in the sky, I believe aliens and government work together. In your video when you see whatever light that is floating aroun in the right corner, look to your top left corner and see the face in the clouds as well, you have several of them throught the video, this is just the most prominent…


    What really fucks me off about the way of the world is that we appointed people to run our coutries and societies and they do things which NOBODY other than themselves want, and we cant do a damn thing about it. The majority of people in power are no smarter than the average man or woman, some are of a lesser intelligence. Take George W. Bush. That man was in control of one of the world’s most powerful countries, yet could hardly string together a coherent sentence. Fuck it, im heading for Mars

  6. fishersofmenvideo

    Good video, with several good elements of the rather multidimensional chemtrail program/problem brought up…I think that the demented elite who are behind this believe that they can render themselves immune to it’s effects, by technological means, eg scalar wave defensive devices…while culling us “useless eaters” who are presumably ignorant of what we are being infected/radiated with. For something completely different, check out “Boil the Frog:The Chemtrail Opera” on fishersofmenvideo

  7. OlBlueshound

    @greatergrades4gators I have written & email our local MP’s and Environmental Protection Agency, who’s job it is is to monitor and report on our atmosphere, they say”it’s an internet hoax”. The EPA won’t return my calls now or emails. They did ring back the first 2 times, not now. Our MP wrote back after many phone calls and they simply quoted Gov web site on CONTRAILS, as did the opposition MP, so they all in it together. Our war is against our Governments, they keep us in perpetual chaos.

  8. greatergrades4gators

    @OlBlueshound has anyone written to their congressional rep to request an answer? maybe it itsn’t too late, what if we really get this out and force whoever they are to play their hand? I just emailed the press contact for my rep and can’t wait to hear what he has to say. Now I’m reading everywhere that there are biological agents in the spray, and it is basically worldwide. Are any countries NOT being sprayed?

  9. MegaSummerwind

    Cancer was far and few between compaired to this last decade. My sister died of cancer. she was a young HEALTHY mother up until three years ago. We could not understand. Now i think i’m starting to understand! With every day that goes by, i’m understanding more and more.

    1. Janet

      I feel the same as you. My brother is fighting cancer and before him, no one in my family ever had cancer! Cancer is a big money making business now. I’m in my 40’s and when I was growing up, it was rare that a child, or anyone, got cancer. Now it’s rampant amoung the whole population! I won’t even get into these non-profit organizations that claim to “fight” for a cure, what a farce. Why don’t they just stop poisoning us and maybe we wouldn’t be getting cancer! I too am waking up to how things work. I can guarantee that chemtrails or geoengineering is real. My eyes are about the only thing I can trust besides my husband! Good luck to you and educate others!

  10. Terry50031

    Do you really think the people SUPPOSEDLY behind this are exempt from the spraying?? Hell No. So they are allegedly killing there own kids, relatives, friends ETC ETC.
    Sorry it does not make sense to me. If they are trying to cool the planet because of the man made global warming hoax that is to bad.
    They are probably going to plunge us into another ice age.
    That would be a real catastrophe.
    It is a lot harder to survive in the cold then the supposed warming.

  11. indiana4jones

    this is Polyethylene
    i know because this shit is in my skin
    and im pretty shitty about it.

  12. bryan3184

    @IAMLIGHT777 as a matter of fact, 80 of the worlds lead scientists have died since the 80s. And almost 10 of the worlds leading micro biologists have died since 9/11 when looking into the truth and or finding cures for diseases, or finding out about chemtrails. This is obvious. You will never hear about a cure or whats being done about chemtrails. If you did, then so would the people spraying them. They cant counter what they do not know is being done. Truth will always prevail regardless

  13. bonaventuraaa

    @DeZorgenkindjes dit is GEEN complot maar een DOOFPOT, ik weet dat je bang bent voor de waarheid want hij is hard, ik geloof het ook liever niet, je weet dat ze ook kankerverwekkende stoffen in eten stoppen, wrom niet in de lucht? wees niet naief! kijk de nieuwe chemtrailfilm: what in the world are they spraying

  14. DeZorgenkindjes


    what is actualy the proof except for al the false proof i am seeeing refer to me one video who delivers solid scientific proof!

  15. cherrypie11061

    Basicaly this has never been tested before so we are the guineapigs !! So how can they be doing this its shear madness they are killing us slowly and getting away with it like they always do, MURDERERS = GOVERMENTS….

  16. beachcomber2008

    Anyone who believes this crap without proof or connection has NO “potential” whatsoever
    Anyone who puts out such lies is an ignorant LOSER who wishes others to be as damaged as he/she is
    What a poor and cowardly “new world” this is – in places – where the ignorant and the incompetent shrilly accuse the innocent and hard-working of conspiracy to mass-murder and other such LIES


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