10/3/12 Chemtrails in Arizona… are these Holograms? Glitch in the Matrix

Glitch in the Matrix? Who knows…odd is all I can say… It is all in real time…nothing has been sped up or slowed down. I have noticed, if you are having trouble seeing what I’m talking about, at around the 1:00 mark if you tilt your head to the right, and imagine an invisible ballon underneath (to the right) of the two chemtrails, it might shift your perception into the usage of ‘stuck’ as an adverb. Nonetheless, whatever they are, they certainly started acting differently after that orb appeared! Thanks for watching, and as always (((((((((||||(BelovE||||||||)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

24 thoughts on “10/3/12 Chemtrails in Arizona… are these Holograms? Glitch in the Matrix

  1. 4eritas

    Absolutely a hologram. All you need to do, is recognize in your heart what is real and what ‘tricks’ this reality…a tricksters handheld if you will. Trust your intuition…this is? the key 😉

  2. 4eritas

    thank you for the feedback. it is insightful and telling? when multiple people become conscious of what is happening. I assure you, nothing to fear; the acknowledgement of the hologram is all thats needed in fighting this war on consciousness. Thanks again. belovE

  3. ella5024

    I’ve had those jets coming over my house all morning, and nobody came out of their houses? to see what it was. There is a video of it on my Youtube. It is about the mimic orbs that were flying beside it, shaped like a plane.

  4. SkyAngelDoughnuts

    I was in a car driving on a busy highway once and two “jumbo jets” appeared out of nowhere, and flew what would normally be dangerously and I’m guessing illegally close to one another, super low over the highway as if coming in for landing at an airport, except there is no airport where I was driving. I don’t understand how everyone on the road didn’t notice it…it? made no sense.

  5. SkyAngelDoughnuts

    Awesome video…I thought I was the only one who had seen this. I have? seen the “plane” and the trail freeze, stop completely as if someone pressed the pause button on a video :) Also, when I saw it I said the same thing as your title: “It’s a glitch in the matrix” lol

  6. ella5024

    Stars do move out of the view of a video camera quite quickly, but these can be seen at night as little orbs in the sky, moving much faster? than a star, so maybe that is what you are seeing. They can also float over you as big wobbly orbs of light. That is a real trip, I’ve seen it several times now.

  7. 4eritas

    Nice. If they are shapeshifters, then I am sure I have seen them? as ‘stars,’ in the sky…no stars make these types of movement…

  8. ella5024

    I’ve seen them sit in one place for 30 minutes before, also appear over my head, not moving at all, over a field, as a huge jet, sitting 200 feet off the ground, right beside the D.C. Beltway, and apparently nobody even noticed it. They are not real airplanes, they are intelligent entities. They make the crop circles, they are Jinn. ?

  9. 4eritas

    Sound you hear??? That sound is a binaural beats composition created from a friend of mine to enhance meditation. If its faked, I am all ears to understand how it is, because I would love some clarity on it as well. Then again, computer program trolls dont think…they just react…so react yourself back the way you came. I am not? trying to convince anyone of anything. I hit record on my camera and upload on my computer, that is all.

  10. hunsadersrockinranch

    Not? to sure what to make of this. I know what chem trails are. But theses do not leave a trail behind. And What is that sound I hear?
    If someone asked me, I would say it looks staged. but then again you don’t have to convince me of anything. You just have to convince yourself.

  11. tsaklar

    great catch Veritas! In due time I can & will explain why it is various structures in the sky have been observed to be stationary; I’ve had ominous cloud structures remain overhead unchanged for over an hour (which I? have recorded). Your hunch about this being illusionary is spot-on. Also make sure to check out my upcoming video release as it is fricken unbelievable. In short this whole “moving moon” business; I figured I would see how far I could take this & the result even had me floored :)

  12. 4eritas

    Its is crazy, right?? They are still moving, yes, and i have not found a better adverb than ‘stuck’. But they both are restricted nonetheless. Thanks for your feedback 😉

  13. PatriotRadioMilitia

    they are not stationary the wire shows reference they are moving , ? but my video shows 2 smaller suns not just sundogs as they have long rays of light coming out ,

  14. PatriotRadioMilitia

    i? would say 2 hi altitute jets at sunset but see non con trail object at 2:08 i and others have video showing 2 small suns , i think it is very possible they are trying to block us from seeing stuff, i don tbuy the its about killing plants as the “why are they spraying ” video ( i think they are disinfo)

  15. 4eritas

    Maybe…although the same powers behind the chemtrail madness, are the same powers that own the media…they wouldnt? want people to be aware of whats really going on 😉

  16. 4eritas

    Yea, I wish I knew how to make a scale appear on the screen as they are ‘stuck,’ but hopefully people can tell just by looking at the focus points on the screen that something is not? right. Thx for the comment 😉

  17. EminentDisclosure

    I am sure these are CON trails cuz they disappear as they fly BUT WOW, your right. I even took a scale to my screen and they were moving at one? speed then as soon as that object showed up it was almost double time. really trippy!

  18. DustyWiyrick

    Holy-cow whats? going on now days ??? This just blew my mind —half- way afraid to look up now days ya never know what kind of horse-shit you might see.. thanks for posting from Selah,Wa.98942


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