11 – NIBIRU – Why I can’t see the Dwarf Star?

Friends an YouTubers welcome! Next Events 11 – june 8, 2011. Why I can’t see the Dwarf Star? Well, here is a plot of the approximate current position of Dwarf Star to help you understand why you cannot see his approach at the moment. As you can see the angle of inclination of Earth’s axis of 23.5 degrees rather influences the angle of vision. The dwarf star can be seen clearly from Antarctica, where it is installed a powerful infrared telescope, specially positioned to watch its arrival. It is today, June 8, to 1.92 AU from the Sun and 1.83 AU from Earth that is, a triangulation angle directly from south quadrant. In about 30 days, she will be with a better viewing angle because the closer to the Earth’s orbital plane this angle tends to increase exponentially. We’ll be able to check the size of this mess very soon, because there is no way to hide with chemtrail, storms, volcanic ash, or whatever else they wished to lead, to cover his arrival. To achieve the true facts, nothing likes a day after another.We hope to have somehow helped to clarify a bit on this subject. Thanks for watching, Join our channel! You are welcome there! Captain Bill – June 2011 ATLANTICOBR CHANNEL

25 thoughts on “11 – NIBIRU – Why I can’t see the Dwarf Star?

  1. john galt

    suppost to be behind the sun right now but when? it comes around we should see it coming north or south pole, bring it on

  2. Matthew Egan

    Umm visibility aside, we would already be feeling the gravitational affects. How about you make a video called “Why we are not feeling gravitational affects from the Dwarf Star?”

    The answer you will get is …

    It doesn’t exist? or it’s not that close.

  3. Steve Mac

    @atlanticobr – Obrigado por as notiçias. Thanks. Anyways, on this video, I can’t get my head around the graphics shown for the position of The Dwarf. If your numbers are correct the ‘position’ shown is WAY – OFF !!! .. How can the angles be as shown???… The Earth can’t be on (approx.) the same plane as the Sun @ 1Au & the distance between Sun & Dwarf = 1.9AU,? Earth & Dwarf = 1.82Au !!! — The Dwarf would have to be almost directly under the earth.
    Can you explain?

  4. 01samuelalva

    Look? guys reptiles= only humans possessed with demons. First off. Please research that. The truth will set you free. Anytime somebody says aliens then you say demon possessed. Don’t be fooled. Research it please.

  5. goodkovi

    Hi sory for my english. I dont know if i see the dwarf star but 9.7.2011 between 0:00 and 1 hour? morning I see a red ball on the sky on the summerhouse ..I think that was not the Moon ..I am in the Czech Republic ,Europe..It was amazing

  6. fight2legalize

    Great, I know? it was this reason. I couldn’t come up with the solution accurately. This video nailed it down!

  7. forsiite111

    Fuckin Goverment operative Trolling bastards cant even find it, its the size of a pinhead you will be? lucky to see anything at all, YEAH WELL WTF DO THEY KEEP CATCHING? ON WEBCAMS IN ANTARTICA THIS IS EXACTLY RIGHT.

  8. Negotiatorr

    I believed the? nibiru story 90% but now i’m on 50%, but i saw debunking video’s and it let me think about it, also about? cemtrails…..

    what about the whole world, what about the earth spin on its axis and around the sun, to? see Elenin or Nibiru. I see no….. major things happening.

    Dont get me wrong i want this 2 happen

  9. ItsMsMargie

    I have not been out the last few? nights but if I can tonight I will watch for it agian. I cant see it but sometimes I think I do at times by the moon.

  10. chanmjohn

    This space app on my phone has something spheric right next? to the sun…it names everything else constellations,stars,planets..etc…but for some reasons “whatever” it is there is no name…wonder why?

  11. omegafile

    No It’s not. The guy that spotted it used the telescope in New Mexico….and besides we are facing that part of the sky in Jone and July.
    Get your facts straight from an Astronomer and not from disinformation sites. The fact is there is nothing coming and the world won’t end. Get over it and stop being? a sucker.

  12. GalaticSpaceHero

    I hear the CEOs , wealthy Bankers are flying there lear jets up Aspen, Colorado to hide. There? going to hide from GOD! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA MATE!

  13. GalaticSpaceHero

    Its comming from the bottom Antarctica. can? you see from there ? maybe they want another 9/11 to happen. Govt saying we didnt know nothing about it, blame it on NASA!

  14. atlanticobr

    @GalaticSpaceHero: Wanna see the guy that? is comming? go to the following coordinates approx., Google Sky in the infra red mode and look what they are covering up. -3.624691° 27.934772°?

  15. GalaticSpaceHero

    if it is comming and none of the Media outlets is? saying any thing about it , then it shows you how controled everything has become. New World Order is Here ! Covered up? Democrazy

  16. GalaticSpaceHero

    At least i got to see Dallas beat Miami in the? NBA ! Ok let Rapture Begin! All the rightious ones sprout wings and fly, Another Cover UP ! dont want you to see whats comming? What do you expect? there going to blame it on NASA just like they blame the CIA on everything, why ask Bush! Dick Cheney.

  17. GalaticSpaceHero

    Covering it up ? like 9/11. I guess theres another catastrophe to unit the planet. All the Lear jets with all? the CEOs ,bankers probably headed to Aspen, CO to hide up in the Mountains.

  18. GalaticSpaceHero

    Weres it at? there covering up ? That about right! another 9/11 commming . There not going to tell you? theres bomb comming! Thats about right !


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