11 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Analysis of official story explanations, exposing the glaring inconsistencies and down-right lies. This section also dissects NASA’s Contrail Factsheet and Contrail Education, and reveals official government documents that show chemtrails are a WEAPONS SYSTEM. global warming documentary…

14 thoughts on “11 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. killerkatfilms

    I’ve seen these ‘webs’ all around trees here in New Hampshire. They’re so common nobody even questions them….especially the long strings falling from the sky onto trees and such. Unbelievable…

  2. jacobbrandon1984

    One of these video’s shows how the falling “spider webs” simple vanish or dissolve upon being touched. I’m not saying they have good intentions, or that i claim to have the answers. However has anyone ever considered that they are spraying Mycelium?
    For those of you who aren’t aware of what that is i suggest this.
    go to w w w . t e d . c o m and do a search for “Paul Stamets” or “fungus”
    Using this they could lower population, block out heat, AND save the rain forest.
    Just food for thought.

  3. waltermouthoh

    “The media overwhelm consists of constant repetition plainly presented and supported by subliminal key words and phrases. This places a shield of resistance at the subconscious level that then accepts the subliminal messages like arrows penetrating a target.

    These messages have had to slowly penetrate this shield using repetition and realizations of truth as our arrows to penetrate the shield and to cause places in the shield to open…” pg. 162 “Chemtrail Busters” soisnessdotorg

  4. waltermouthoh

    “chemtrails dissolved” – orgone pipes get rid of chemtrails 10 minutes, 40 mile radius, and tower busters neutralize the negative cell phone, microwave and other towers. Check out “chemtrails dissolved”. Orgone makes you feel great too. Easy to make! Need more people making orgone. Try it. You’ll like it. Helps the neighborhood. Gets rid of smog too. links at soisnessdotorg. check chemtrail busters. tower busters.

  5. Keor66

    Listen people, we are not anymore on the phase it’s true or false as the evidence is so overelming that is useless. We are in the fase where we need to stop it at all costs, because oterwise we will allow these bastards to kill us and our loved ones a slow and painful death.
    May the rot in hell all of them and their planes fall down like flyes.

  6. Matey3

    Sorry for too many comments but since you brought up WW II, I ask everyone to google “911 Stranger Than Fiction”. the video was taken off but the site with the transcript is still there.
    Read what really happened, we’ve been fooled for so long. Hitler as Not such a bad guy after all. Watch David Cole video called Auschwitz please b4 making comment. He is a Jewish person and a brave one indeed.
    The Jews are victims here too the holocaust was a hoax to get us to this shi* here and now. Wake Up!

  7. gangstagrannie

    4:40 – why can’t the average idiot see that ‘ongoing research’ means its ONGOING – which means its going on – not went on, but GOING on, right here, right now – present tense – not past tense!
    They’ve admitted it again for anyone who has half a brain – OMG – I get so angry with people who can’t work out simple language.

  8. CathyFromPensacola

    So they spray us to ‘save lives’? This makes as much sense as the phrase at the entrance of German extermination camps: Arbeit Macht Frei. Translation: Work Makes One Free.

    If you don’t love the truth you are subject to deception.


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