111111 on 11-11-11 Against Chemtrails

4-month effort from citizens of 27 countries to get answers from their national leaders about geoengineering via chemtrails. Our strategy is simple, sound, safe and sure. Chemtrail Truth Action Network, SYLVAIN HENRY CONTACT INFO: www.youtube.com canadianspartacus.wordpress.com www.facebook.com www.facebook.com

25 thoughts on “111111 on 11-11-11 Against Chemtrails

  1. ChrizstianC

    Great efforts here. And you’re right, it will take a lot of noise to stop this chem-campaign. There needs to be bargaining power on this, and consumers have more power as protesters. Boycotting corp fast-food chains, drinks,? anything bottled, tinned, wrapped in plastic would create havok for those who control this and us. However, it’s peaceful, the police can’t be called in to make you eat fries! Starve them bfore they poison us and all our food. Consumer power works – see Netflix loss.

  2. SilkMeadow

    Check out? chemtrailsincanada.shutterfly dot you know the rest and go to the Message Board and from there you can download the template to use to write to your politicians.

  3. douchecents

    @balmainlighthouse I’m? sure they would. But the point is that no one will hear anything about this because on November 11th all eyes will be on the remembrance day ceremonies.
    November 11th is remembrance day, and should not be used for anything else… bad form. Check my videos, I believe in getting the word out about chemtrails, but we shouldn’t be using November 11th to do it. Bad form. Gives our movement a poor name.

  4. cusanusnicolas

    The men behind this are Gates/Rockefeller/Monsanto?, idea is destroy all natural life, replace with aluminum resistant GM varieties owned by USDA. Patent developed at Cornel.. This is fact, it is deliberate, it is the end game, they’ll be plugging their ears unless the noise gets very LOUD. I see no problem with? the CIA finding out that people are objecting. They’ll be killing everybody with the chemtrails anyway.

  5. brementube

    nice project, but why are people like you using facebook? its a? cia stalking website and i think you know that… so why?

  6. zeromcmann

    You had mentioned the chemtrails stopped for 3 weeks here in Canada, June/July 2011…..that’s when the Prince Will and Princess Kate? were here visiting. They didn’t want ‘their own’ sprayed…..

  7. balmainlighthouse


    this is the new war…if the soilders where still alive now they would be the ones fighting? this cause

  8. peacedreamerable

    I am quite sure the soldiers from then like? the veterans of now would totally support us in this.

  9. gaiacalling


    Suggested call dialogue:
    “Hi! My name is ________ _________; I live in ________ County, California,
    and I’m calling to report that there is heavy chemtrail/geoengineering activity in our sky again today.

    This activity is a crime against nature and all humanity. I want to know what
    action you are taking to stop it from occurring in the future.”

  10. CanadianSpartacus

    @FreeTruthShow @FreeTruthShow He is on Facebook. Please try to reach him. I? prefer if you contact him directly. He gets the response, he gets the credit. However, our email campaign is ongoing until 11-11-11. Leaders will tire of us and will have to respond to our questions about chemtrails. So far we have responses from 6 nations and the response from our leaders is all the same: “CHEMTRAILS ARE CONTRAILS” and don’t bother us.

  11. FreeTruthShow

    @CanadianSpartacus is it adam johnstyone on twitter, facebook, or somewhere else? i would like to see these letters see?

  12. CanadianSpartacus

    Adam Johnstone has received two letter responses from the prime minister of Australia. Please contact him for these letters. More responses are coming!

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    PS The tweet campaign to national leaders starts tonight at midnight. If you are participating and you do not know the? twitter address of your national leader, let me know.


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