11:59 ;^)~ Part 1.0

Music by Blondie 11:59 ;^)~ Compilation of screen grab stills and high res pictures I shot and a couple borrowed ones.

25 thoughts on “11:59 ;^)~ Part 1.0

  1. Arkadasch123

    Simply a great tune!!!!!! :) Like so many songs by Blondie!!!!!

    One of the best groups ever!!!!!!

  2. Sabatinitennis

    Blondie’s best song by far – just ahead of Slow Motion … and both were written by keyboard player Jimmy Destri.

  3. hun3107

    Surely the best non-single track the band ever did. I saw them a couple of years ago in Glasgow – twenty years since I first saw them. Debs & and the lads were brilliant. Teenage angst came flooding back, Oh happy, happy memories!

  4. simegrist

    One of Blondie’s greatest – i’ve loved this song since the 1st time i ever heard it. Today can last another million years..!!

  5. heyrodders

    love this track like a lot of blondie 70’s – 80’s tracks blondie live for ever… happy new year every one 😉

  6. rewturn

    Great song, “Its 11:59 and I want to stay alive”
    Great band and great memories from CBGB’s!!!

  7. psyleo7

    It is one of mine too, I think it also carries a very profound messege. Debbie Harry is one of the greats. Thanks for tuning in.


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