12 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Chemtrail subliminal techniques in the media to familiarize us with the strangeness, plus sylphs, reptilians, and counter-intelligence to ridicule the subject. global warming documentary commentary analysis hang glider kite remote control plane balloon ski lift beach mountain britney hilton…

16 thoughts on “12 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. 53531640

    @joroma77 yes as mentioned before it is “Traffic in the Sky” by Jack johnson.

    Just a little hint: if you want to know what a song is, just type into a google search some of the lryics.

  2. TheSproutKing

    Don’t engage with debunkers, ignore, delete and block. If you believe them you are blind. This video explains them perfectly. I find it highly amusing and worrying that they still try and debunk chemtrails even in the face of blatant proof. Believe common-sense, your eyes and look at your own sky! Stay strong

  3. waltermouthoh

    “The media overwhelm consists of constant repetition plainly presented and supported by subliminal key words and phrases. This places a shield of resistance at the subconscious level that then accepts the subliminal messages like arrows penetrating a target.

    These messages have had to slowly penetrate this shield using repetition and realizations of truth as our arrows to penetrate the shield and to cause places in the shield to open…” pg. 162 “Chemtrail Busters” soisnessdotorg

  4. Matey3

    We live under seize in these Orwellian times.
    The new word disorder is in your face and they dont care if we know!
    the next stage is all out war against the evil.
    we cant wait for a savior, we have to save ourselves.
    Turn your Televisions OFF and stop supporting their one main tool they use to brainwash masses.

    Tell everyone you know. As I do every day. They may make fun of you but later when they think about it they will wake up…

  5. watkinscopicat

    brilliant! excellent analysis, and a good use of humour which i think is actually an extremely effective way to reach people rather than terrifying them. thanks!!


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