12/6/2011 — Dutchsinse channel — ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY — much love to all !

Many thanks are due to tens of thousands of people — hundreds of thousands of commenters — millions of viewers — and countless contributors of information. Since December 6, 2010 , when I started making videos ….. until today December 6, 2011 ….. earth changes has become one of the most important topics , a topic that effects each and every one of us. Ocean currents, Weather modification, Earthquakes, Space anomalies, rogue satellites, Volcanoes, SEVERE weather, animal deaths, solar storms, and even some conspiracy — if you go back through my videos this past year — you will see a fairly good record of these events…. its amazing to recall the series of events — the series of discoveries made — replies from the USGS — calls from the military — calls from the MSM — TV shows, Radio Shows, and news print articles — NWO helicopter flyovers — release of my personal information — and even threats to my life…. the whole year has been an up and down, love it or leave it, adventure of a lifetime ! Many thanks to my viewers, contributors, donors — without the wide base of support , earth changes / geo-engineering / and preparation would NEVER have reached the millions of people who NOW have this crucial information — links to research themselves — links / information that the MSM just doesn’t seem to want to provide. cheers…much love!!! and HERE’S TO ANOTHER YEAR !! ====dutchsinse====

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