1/26/2012 — Dr. Octagon — HAARP, Chemtrails, DEW weapons (cancer,ampex,aluminum,blood cells)

Earth people… it appears I was born on Gallifrey ! LOL … see the Illuminati in action… Here is a link to the video in question w/ lyrics below: www.youtube.com This is from 1995 !! Cancer, answer, AMPEX, Supersonic(high frequency) ‘voodoo’ POWER, X’s, the equator FLEXING, power meters, heaters to gauge ‘anti -freeze’, ALUMINUM intoxicants, and SPRAYING blood cells !!! Space DEW DEW (doo doo) weapons, Astronaut playing the ukelele neil armstrong, silver warhead (first atomic bomb), and HIS SKIN IS GREEN .. lol Ampex = RADAR : www.google.com DEW space weapons: www.google.com Silver nuclear warhead: www.google.com Heaters Aluminum Blood cells = chemtrails and HAARP : www.google.com Astronaut who plays the Ukelele: www.youtube.com supersonic (high frequency) “voodoo power” for robots (wireless energy transfer so robots don’t have to recharge batteries or drones can stay in flight perpetually): www.google.com wow.. there you have it! In my opinion that is to say… :^) lyrics: First patient, pull out the skull, remove the cancer Breakin’ his back, chisel necks for the answer Supersonic bionic robot voodoo power Equator ex my chance to flex skills on Ampex With power meters and heaters gauge anti-freeze Octagon oxygen, aluminum intoxicants More ways to blow blood cells in your face React with four bombs and six fire missiles Armed with seven rounds of space doo-doo pistols You may not believe, livin’ on the Earth planet My skin is green and silver, warhead lookin’ mean

24 thoughts on “1/26/2012 — Dr. Octagon — HAARP, Chemtrails, DEW weapons (cancer,ampex,aluminum,blood cells)

  1. wdur1

    Wow..don’t you just marvel at how the illuminati love giving out pre-event messages in songs and movies. Wonder if they’re just messages to fellow illuminati or just an ‘in your face’ for we pawns on the board of life. Thanks? again Dutch and lots of love back to you.

  2. MonteBusa

    Ampex made motors and generators for the first radar systems, and today they make streaming digital recorders for various applications, and other high speed gigabit ethernet devices (some of which are used as radar data storage devices), never did they make radar systems.? Also, if chemtrail planes flew supersonically we’d all have broken windows in our houses. If you’re going to spread this shit around, please don’t make shit up to support your ideas.

  3. zzzzzzzz0zzzzzzzz

    Kook Keith has a lot of interesting lyrics that many would consider nonsense. Nice job at decoding. you should check out some of his other work, he has been around since the 80’s in a group called ultra? magnetic MC’s.

  4. Jacurlz08

    The illuminati is everywhere Music & t.v. they’re not aliens they’re demons. You’ve got to research this &? the Bible

  5. ella5024

    Well, you have some of it right, but just remember, Chemtrail planes are what people call “ALIENS”,? but they are really Demons…there is more to it than you are seeing, because you still think they are real airplanes. If you could realize that they are not real airplanes, then you would understand the rest of the song.

  6. annie46664

    So incredibly ahead of the pack! AMAZING!
    BTW, those ba$tards use far more effective & efficient means of mind control on specific individuals than merely weather modification ~ designed to dumb down, sicken & weaken the masses. Thank God their days are FAST numbered & they know it. They’ve already started falling like dominoes? ~ alas! all to slowly at this early stage though, but the momentum will begin to increase rapidly. HOORAY!
    Dutch, my son also delves deep into lyrics.
    ~South Africa~

  7. Inhimillinen

    I went to listen & watch the song, thanks for the link Dutch! In the link i found the tokens of the video that provide a gate forward. Like HH Killaly Map 1837. This is all so weird, there’s so much new hints coming, hard to keep? up, it blows my mind every day…

  8. U2Berror

    Umm, he talks about his skin being blue, reference probably to RH- individuals. Also, refers to US Enterprise, which might be a false flag coming up with the USS? Enterprise ship heading to the gulf.

  9. MrEasilee

    Love your work Dutchsinse.
    Also love Kool Keith AKA Dr. Doom AKA Dr Octagon of Ultramagnetic MC’s. Considered one of the best? Rappers of the Golden era of Hip Hop.
    Seems that he kinda went a bit Schitzo after getting into this NWO stuff has obviously studied the same stuff we all have and simply put it into rhyme.
    He knows exactly what he’s saying tho.

  10. jacmunbong

    power meters are the smartmeters google them,smartmeterdangers*org,its the new smartgrid.i mean REALLY RESEARCH THESE DAMND THINGS.THEY ARE KILLING ME IN MY OWN HOME? WITH THEM AND THOUSANDS OF OTHERS TOO


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