128 Global Warming and Chemtrails

We have discovered that global warming is not caused due to natural causes, or even chemically induced causes such as pollution, but that global warming is actually a man-made manifestation in and of this world. There are devices that are being utilized of Tesla technology that manifest a magnifying glass formation in the atmosphere of this world over certain specific allocations in this world, which is causing the effect thereof as the ice melting. The reason these magnifying glass formations have been manifested within this world is to ascertain land and resources and, more specifically, oil. Now, these magnifying glass formations and the devices used utilized electromagnetic sound wave frequencies, which formed beams, beams that stretch out throughout, from two opposite ends of this world, stretch throughout to come together into a magnifying glass formation in the atmosphere, specifically allocated over certain, specific allocation placements within this world. The connection of man-made global warming to chemtrails is the following: chemtrails are not chemtrails from the perspective that they are not specifically here to deliberately kill people. Chemtrails are actually weather modification manifestations in this world, because beings have now tampered with the natural expression of weather within this world and have to accordingly balance the equation because they have taken into consideration the effects these magnifying glass formations will have within and as

25 thoughts on “128 Global Warming and Chemtrails

  1. MattiFreeman1


    the more you use thoughts, the more you create conspiracies in your mind and the less you give attention to what is actually relevant

  2. indiana4jones

    The inventor of haarp, Eastlund, dead
    The senator than likely championed haarp in alaska, Stevens, dead.
    I could go on and on.

  3. vhsjvc

    @DesteniProductions Also, many viruses do not have an immediate effect or any effect at all in many people – known as healthy carriers. Other viruses do not express themselves if at all for 15 to 20 years as in the herpes family, thus many can live a life of being a healthy carrier and not even know it, AND the whole time []except in the case of a dormant bug[], they can infect others even while being perfectly healthy themselves

  4. shess0501

    When you talk about magnifying glass formations, are you talking about visible formations in the sky? Like, say, lenticular clouds?

  5. GrassyKnollTrolls

    @DesteniProductions , Jack, this vid and your “Nano-tech” video are my 2 favorites out of all of the 100’s you have. You are exactly right in this info. I am in the USA in L.A. and have been ill for 4 yrs from this climate nanotechnology.

  6. DesteniProductions

    study how viruses spread – and you will notice that it use a carrier and when it reach a destination it has an immediate effect– so-called spraying implies multiple inputs to apparently have an effect –that is not a virus — and it would imply very limited technology by the so-called sprayers– get out of the delusional mindset

  7. DesteniProductions

    when you turn negative energy into positive energy –you turn positive energy into negative energy — you are in a closed limited environment with limited sources — some self honesty will assist — do not go into the imaginary world — it is by definition not real

  8. crlwllns

    Before You get The Vaccination! Please Re-Member, “Barium Poisoning Symptoms”, = “Swine Flu SYMPTOMS”!
    (Ask Your “Dr.” For A “Heavy Metal Test”!)
    Is This WHY, “They SPRAY Over Our Cities”….?!?

  9. nrgstream

    Help heal the planet, google ‘orgonite’. It’s a simple compound anyone can create in their backyard with fairly inexpensive, widely-available materials which balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive energy, with many easily-confirmed effects. Orgonite does this continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without electricity.

  10. thecursedland

    Just asked for some material evidence of what you are stating. I don’t know the signifigance of chemtrails, nor do I refuse any opionion thereof. However, in this world of material it would be a bit easier to have a solid tangible base to extrapolate information. Although I do not agree with some things you say, I still find you to be passionate and very spiritual. I guess that’s why I subscribed to you.

  11. DesteniProductions

    Scientific proof–where the observer determine what is being observed?

    what is science?– and whose science rules are real and valid– the drug companies? — the russian? the chinese? the american? what is proof– is death proof? because all die? is life proof– do we actually live? or are we the result of our education? a fluke of nature stuck in our ignorance

  12. ShillBasher

    I do believe completely agree that chemtrails exist but your delivery confuses me. Why do you say “this world” so often?. Why do you refer to the body as “the physical body”. How can I take your interesting information seriously when you talk like a shamen?.

  13. nascentmoon

    um if theres no earth what happens to people on it? so they try something they hope will save planet, tho may make some people sick. there’s probably no perfect solution that won’t have a drawback, except of course, stop playing with their magnifying toys. but they wanna have their cake and eat it too. most people do. also, if its reacting with pollution in the air, maybe that needs to stop too? blame one and not the other? who pollutes? who allows it? ask, what can I do? we all response-able.

  14. SevenMinusOne

    Jack, sorry i can’t buy it.
    You see, I’ve got 2 grand at stake for evidence. The Space Preservation Act mentions the use of chemtrails but that’s not enough evidence. I NEED SOME PROOF.
    I need that 2,000.
    How can I get some solid evidence. HAARP “scientists” and the U.S. Air Force sure as hell aren’t going to open up their books to a peeper like myself.
    Onward I search!

  15. EtteSunsUtenuts

    Don’t worry about HAARP, Chemtrails, or the shift of power, worry about the MAMBAS.

    Cleaning the mamba cages, always is a tricky adventure. It’s a lesser of two evils. You can either remove the snakes, and put them into a temporary bin, which really, upsets them; or you can try to clean it, via a very long pole and spoon arRANGEment I have here.

  16. SevenMinusOne

    Many of us have speculated that the increase in the ice melt IS due to HAARP. HAARP heats the ionosphere via laser beams. The use of chemtrails to “correct” weather disturbances caused by HAARP to restore balance doesn’t give comfort.
    STOP HAARP&CHEMTRAILS-leave mother nature be!
    (Open Skies Treaty)
    The Tesla technology from what I understand was used by the Soviets against an embassy full on American employees–an experiment of sorts.
    This is the a good Tesla/Soviet link:


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