1/28/2012 – DRUNK Chemtrail Pilot – 5:25pm

559 areacode i am in the middle of california, right near squaw valley… reedley, fresno, visalia, hanford, lemore….. some people choose to leave negative comments… your watching my video :) if you dont like it dont watch it.. your an adult make your own decision i have a lot of people who enjoy my videos If this system is not stopped, it will kill billions due to aluminum and barium poisoning. It will kill billions due to crop failures and world-wide famine. It will cause heart attacks, strokes, and cancers. It will cause stillbirths, miscarriages, and infertility. www.bibliotecapleyades.net ORGONITE-HG / ORGONE / Chemtrail Killer / Convert Negative Energy into Positive with Orgonite stores.ebay.com World-Wide Genocide EarthQuake watch www.world-earthquakes.com www.fresnoforward.com dont believe me i dont care, i dont do this for you.. i do this b/ci enjoy sharing, why dont you do something useful instead of watching peoples videos then leaving stupid comments, it goes to show there is always 1 nutjob around & it aint always me LOL 😀 google chemtrails

7 thoughts on “1/28/2012 – DRUNK Chemtrail Pilot – 5:25pm

  1. PDowling76

    The airplane follows a route, which is why the turn. The squiggles are due to the wind,? it doesn’t blow perfectly constant everywhere.
    And it’s a contrail, not a chemtrail. These ‘lines’ certainly existed 10 years ago, even 50 years ago they were documented and photographed.

  2. iondetox

    Damn at least you can still hear frogs in your land.. In the leading state of the New World Order Texas, where we have Eugenicist in most all levels of government and a continual decade of drought, where they ignore heavy metals in plant fiber and continually blame it on early freeze or late freeze.. we have no frogs, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, few birds. that was a nice sound? to hear once again. Thanks for the post. I’d like to see more footage of the land and trees in all these films.

  3. ella5024

    Ok, I will stop leaving comments on your page. The reason they didn’t exist 10 years ago is because we went to Iraq to get them. They were in clay bottles. There is a video of our soldiers going into a room where they were. They weren’t here before we went to Iraq to get them. They did 9/11, too. They brought the WTC down on a molecular level, turning it to dust. They also do the crop? circles, and they built the pyramids. Ok, bye, sorry to bother you.

  4. itzz420

    the only problem is none of these lines existed 10 years ago…. you should stop leaving comments on my page :) you believe what you want, go share your info on your? page. not mine… if this was anything you say they would have been seen all my life.. all this started heavy in the last 5/10 yrs… so your kinda screwed on your info..

  5. ella5024

    They aren’t real planes. That came up from the ocean, or the ground. If they weren’t covering the Sun, we would have all been dead by now. They are Djinns. They have been controlling the weather in Arabia throughout history. The spraying is a lie. They aren’t spraying anything. The metals are released from satellites.? There is a 13,000 year old satellite orbiting Earth, BTW.


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