13 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather:

Chemtrail subliminal techniques in the media to familiarize us with strangeness, plus sylphs, reptilians, and counter-intelligence to ridicule the subject. More taqgs: global warming documentary commentary analysis hang glider kite remote control plane balloon ski lift beach mountain…

25 thoughts on “13 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather:

  1. faeryjoan

    this is the note from youtube “This video contains content from Ministry_of_Sound, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

  2. belvedere106

    that over the hedge footage is so obvious, i saw it too the first time i saw it..

    Why would they want to show that in a cartoon? I know.. Just making u comfort witch these chemtrails and that they are nothing to worry about.. Very clever..

  3. AmMellow

    I love the song “sub-limena-lee”

    My respitory system woke up today and said “please stop the chem trails, they’re killing me”

    Sadly they are in the skies above my head, now and always. I’m gonna move house but first Im gunna kick up some serious fuss!

  4. Veivari27

    And specially love people… who are AGAINST YOU! It will change them…

    Search: Enigma 2012 or Divine Cosmos or esoteric AGENDA

  5. Veivari27

    Oh my god… that advertising part… it really made me laugh my ass of… at the same time… when I was crying inside my heart. How everything is going so wrong! But it doesn’t matter! When you don’t allow those things affect you! It wont’!

    When you are strong enough and AWAKEN! And you know the truth, you see what is truth and feel what is really the truth! Then you are in good hands in this universe. And only thing what you have to do… is spread the word and love those who are with you..

  6. TheTempestSpark

    Its like they’re saying once these people take over the joke will be on us because we should have gone to spec-Savers. FFS LMAO.

  7. 101101101777

    Some in media could be intentionally subversive, others are accidental, some may be on purpose to show people.
    If I made ads I would put chemtrails in them to make peeps perk.
    If I worked in advertising tho I would also know the best ways to play on people’s emotional best-intentions and to subvert the sub-conciouse into buying shit.

  8. jumpingmustang08

    OK THE HALO PART IS WARE YOU LOST ME!! i agree on almost any level about chemtrails but….

    thats in the halo world… you know where ppl are shooting rockets at aliens trying to end their race.

    so i dont think the mind control work with halo if it was ment for that cuz im a rebel like anyother and i play all kinds of game including call of duty MW2 that has NWO writen all over it

  9. 53531640

    How many people are in on this deception???? Advertising agencies. Artiists for video games?

    Unplug the damn TV … it is evil!!

  10. 53531640

    Out of all these videos, this is the scariest so far. Why? Because of the obviousness of the subliminal deception.
    My kids watch movies and videos games all the time, hours at a time.
    And guess what>> chemtrails are the tip of the iceberg, what else are we being programed with?, eg audio tracks.
    Please look up the You Tube video:
    “Obama – Yes we can = thank you satan”.

  11. JesusLikedMonkeys

    Woah the over the hedge pictures are crazy man. I can’t believe they do that to make the general public believe its normal to see that.

  12. gracistabu

    this is great. i knew i wasn’t crazy when i wondered why a completely clear blue sky day would suddenly in a few hours time be totally overcast and dim after i start seeing these planes fly and leave trails. also some planes fly and leave nothing then another one leaves one. if contrail why arent all leaving it? also what song is this? thanks for posting this needs to get out

  13. flyteplan

    Recently On the local news breaks now in Canada I noticed the change in the backdrop, which is now a picture of a globe with lines criss-crossing the skies! Freaky. It must be subliminal, but I am left-handed and see the world a little differently so my righty family think I’m a little nuts when it sits right under their nose and I point it out to them.

  14. Keor66

    It’s in time like these when a video like this who has been on for over a year and has only 1800 views that I feel ashamed to be a human. Really the dumb ones are screwing us all and they are great majority.


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