1/4 Chem. Trails in Hawaii Michael J. Murphy on We Are CHANGE TV

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18 thoughts on “1/4 Chem. Trails in Hawaii Michael J. Murphy on We Are CHANGE TV

  1. SovereignBeing

    @tetekofa yeah this sort of thing has been going on for years, i even came across as report saying that they used to do cloud seeding in the first world war to hide the planes from ground detection..! its old technology and the equipment they use now is beyond what most think it actually is.

  2. UkTruthSeeker2009

    They are trying to make the kids of the future except Chemtrails this is why it`s` Important to teach your own children the Truth. My children know the difference between a Contrail & a Chemtrail & I did teach them Purposely too rebel against what’s not natural.I even told the teachers at the school & my children will ask questions when a teacher tries to tell them they are natural. Chemtrails are a Immune system wrecker & a tool to use weather war against other countries & it has to be stopped

  3. oooAndyooo

    Today i say a lot of chemtrail above my city Arnhem in the Netherlands.
    The whole sky was full of planes and chemtrails.
    I explaned my mother what these things are.
    And when we followed one plane with a chemtrail, he was out of chemicals and saw gaps in the trail, suddenly you could see the contrail that disapeared in 14 seconds, the chemicals stayed there and spread.
    Best evidence i could give to my mom

  4. meedeepeechee

    another manifestation of the veil being pulled over our eyes…

    what are we going to do about it? who is responsible for this?

    we are the keepers of this planet, but we are also the kept…

    we have been told this for ages…

  5. mtzlypk

    they were laying it on heavy yesterday monday evening…here in central ,illinois.and today all day its spread all across the sky,, you can hear the jets going over cant see them above the milky sky they allready layed out…

  6. tetekofa

    Look up “Cloud Seeding” on wikipedia, talks about Corp.’s who own hydroelectric dams and how they can fill they watersheds at will, … or deny water to a water shed.

  7. OverlyExcitedNewJack

    @pinkygray Yes, people are asleep and also stupid. After many years you will learn that all one can do is accept how stupid people are.

  8. xtymiller

    I moved to Shasta County, California (where part of ‘What in the world are they spraying?” was filmed) from Maui in 2005… I noticed the trails and started taking photos of them. Have been waking people up here and in the islands about the geoengineering/chemtrails being sprayed. Here it gets really bad sometimes.

  9. pinkygray

    Wake up people! Too many people have been affected and are sick from this aircrap. The majority of the people are asleep and when you point these chemtrails out to them and give them a mountain of documented government evidence they think you are crazy! End times — get ready. The sun will go dark. It certainly does here in South Atlanta.

  10. slj8889

    Don’t miss part 2, 3 and 4. They are kind of hard to find but all valuable information and well worth watching.

  11. GSRJosh33

    As I open my CPU everyday the Windows 7 opening page looks very much like the crap I see smeared across the sky everyday.100% programming. Excellent video. Blessings.

  12. slj8889

    Michael, you are a great speaker; your message is clear and concise.
    Personally I don’t need to be convinced. I know the truth and have taken many photos of ChemTrails. Please tell us what we can do to help. Please get us organized and get this movement seriously off the ground. there are many thousands of us all over the world that are ready. We just need some direction and a leader to get us organized!


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