16 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Political interlude. Here the film takes an off-road turn into recent politics and official story lies, finding a context for the chemtrail operations. Initially I was hesitant to upload this as it seems off-topic, and the film is pretty lengthy as it is, but the following sections make more…

25 thoughts on “16 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. xxstarchildxx

    During the time that the planes hit, Bush was filmed in a schoolroom and the kids were coincidentally chanting a sequence of words such as ‘plane’, ‘steel’, ‘hit’ etc…this should still be on youtube, I saw it recently and it was extremely eerie

  2. iceisnice61

    Ol Larry is a real scumbag.
    Nice of his ego to let the “pull IT” and “decide to pull IT” comments out during the interview.

  3. Danger12233

    Part 15 can be seen by clicking on the first video response at part 14. Truther D has made all the non working vids available for us to see.

  4. rebelizm

    I hope G.W.Bush spends all of eternity being viciously sodomised by hordes of insatiable Demons with scaly donkey sized cocks…..
    Then again…he’d probably think he was in Heaven.

  5. MrSamuelHorton

    15 unavailable in the UK under ‘copyright’ too. Many others with audio removed due to restrictions. ‘Copyright’ really is getting in the way of free speech.

  6. iceisnice61

    Lastly, ol’ Larry is without a doubt, truely EVIL. This sub human made way too much money from this horrific slaughter. TENS of BILLIONS in BLOOD money. This guy should be one of the prime suspects.
    Barry Zwicker’s docu is also a must see.

  7. iceisnice61

    RIP Mr Russo.
    Everyone should see his docu “Freedom to Fascism”. Brilliant work.
    Its ‘1984’ in England, truely Orwellian.
    Look no futher than the “British Bullshit Corporation (BBC). Yes, who reported the fall of Building 7 20 MINUTES before it happened.
    Watching the BBC and that douchbag reporter trying to explain it away for the last few yrs has been comical. After initially denying they had.
    Bless those modern recording devices.

  8. iceisnice61

    Fuck Youtube,
    Ironicly these Goggle lackies and their MotherKorp are CELEBRATING the fall of the Berlin wall and FREEDOM of SPEECH. Enough to make you want to puke.

  9. GOBFilms

    Please excuse the ad-homonym here, but fascists are Hatchet Faggots. xD A fasci is a bundle of sticks! xD
    Too far? I think not. =]

  10. WellSightedGentleman

    you know they had to collapse building 7 because if they left it there the demolitions would have been found.

  11. wizardangel

    as a cgi artist myself ,,that crashing plane into a building was sloppy cgi –and we have plenty of holographic projection tech’s capable of convencing a panicke public -and now ,years after many from the blast zone have become very ill or passed from contamination -some are still struggling with red tape being denied medicail care programs -Silverstein has 3 days before Insured the towers that specified Teeroist Attack-seems some worriesome papertrils desperatily needed to disposed of ,,Look Up

  12. Matey3

    I learned a lot from Jordan Maxwell (or whatever his real name is?) But he is Wrong about Nazis, he ought to know why the 1st WW came about and how the zionist wanting to create Israel to establish a criminal govt. used the British power with our stolen money to create these wars, He should know some thing about the treaty of Versailles and Balfour declaration. and why Germany was torn apart. No German patriot could sit silenced!
    The London newspaper headlined “Judia Declares War on Germany”!

  13. 3rdEyeDear

    Hi, yes, you’re right, thanks for the correction. Originally there was an interview with an X-Files writer included (from the BBC’s Conspiracy Files). I missed the mistake, will make a note in the description. Cheers.


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