1950s “chemtrail” contrails from home movie (chemtrails are a hoax)

These are home movies from a former American chemtrail believer who realised he was deluded when discovering this film and another of a 1950s airshow in a co…

25 thoughts on “1950s “chemtrail” contrails from home movie (chemtrails are a hoax)

  1. Brooke Walker

    If you need a video to differentiate between a contrail and a chemtrail,
    then, you are very misinformed and need to do a little more research.
    Aerial spraying is as real as your misconceptions and the words on this
    page. Stop spreading this junk on the internet. People are looking for
    factual information at a time when they are witnessing something very
    alarming happening in their skies and your not being of much help.?

  2. kingg213

    I was also a non believer and watched contrails as a kid from the early
    sixties! Since finally noticing a chem-trail a few years back I see them
    often now! I’ve noticed here in the Seattle are they seem to favor spraying
    the “X” pattern chem-trails. And they eventually create a haze that covers
    the entire sky! Contrails melt and chem-trails don’t!

  3. fuvkyougoogification

    i dont have to make an argument obviously against that “Legion of
    truthers.” The whole room already has. No commercial airliner turn around
    in the fucking sky, and no airliner can turn off his vapor. Its just
    impossible to witness and deny… Especially the people who have collected
    the stuff and had it tested. Theres a PBS video on it :) Educate yourself
    before you speak. or in this case. type.


    @tankerenemy When are you going to stop lying Tanker? This is directly from
    the Ohio EPA. “EPA selected these three schools because they are located
    near a large manganese ore processing (ferroalloy production) facility,
    Eramet Marietta, Inc. (Eramet) that emits air toxics, including manganese”
    w (dot) epa (dot) gov / schoolair / WarrenElem (dot) html Why do you lie to
    start fake controversies for money?

  5. Legionoftruthers

    @fuvkyougoogification That’s very funny. Type the following key words into
    google: “Douglas DC8 advert” “TWA Superjets” What do you find?
    watch?v=wfOrez6q7WM watch?v=Q48AEDwFBoY

  6. Len Schulwitz

    It’s an airshow? Aren’t those famous for spraying the skies (e.g. sky
    writing and such)? Seems a poor example. . Watch film from today and and
    20-30 years ago. A modern show like Breaking Bad will have huge “persistent
    contrails” in nearly every blue sky shot. Why weren’t these around in 80s
    TV and movies? . Does the uploader of this video believe that nothing about
    the nature and persistence of contrails has changed?

  7. Legionoftruthers

    @fuvkyougoogification “No commercial airliner turn around in the fucking
    sky,” ROFLMFAO Go look up th eprocedure known as a “holding pattern”. You
    retards are so funny

  8. Skeptic Alliance

    Good for you dude. Fuck these ridiculous conspiracy nuts and toofers. I’m
    seriously so tired of their nonsense that makes absolutely 0 sense. If alll
    these chemtrails were actually being sprayed all over the U.S. who are they
    getting to spray all of this? Garden Gnomes maybe? Why aren’t the planes
    caught on radar? The problem is we are speaking logically to toofers and
    there’s not a lot of logic that goes on in these conspiracy nuts head’s.

  9. Legionoftruthers

    @mustanglead I’ve never seen any credible evidence of a contrail in the
    conditions you mention. Invariably idiots use extreme zoom on a distant
    aircraft that remains tiny in frame, then claim the plane is below a hazy
    cloud layer when it is fact far above, and claim the cloud is a cumulus and
    the plane must be below 5000ft despite the optical image size proof to the
    contrary Florida chemtard Skywitness tried to make the same claim here

  10. Legionoftruthers

    @tankerenemy You really need to see a psychiatrist. My compilation
    youtube.com/watch?v=zDdxb6W7nWU clearly shows that anyone who knew about
    aviation in the 1940s and 1950s were incredibly aware that trails in the
    sky were normal contrails. They were discussed and shown openly in
    Promotional films for new aircraft types. Contrails were used in Marketing
    to promote airlines such as TWA. Any sane person knew what they are. Only
    failures like you spread nonsense about them. You are a sad LOSER

  11. ChrisArcen

    Chemtrail nuts would not believe these are contrails even if they were
    there! They are all paranoid schizophrenics.

  12. Legionoftruthers

    @debunkthis1 Who cares. Being correct is not a popularity contest. That’s
    probably why you were failure at school. You probably thought if you paid
    attention and became smart and learned something you would become
    unpopular. I don’t care if anyone hates me, At least I’m not an ignorant
    moron like you.


    @tankerenemy funny taker, I don’t hear you bla bla bla-ing anymore. I guess
    you’ve run off with your tail between your legs!!

  14. Legionoftruthers

    @tankerenemy LOL. And to think italians were intelligent enough to create
    the renaissance but there are examples such as you with a profound level of
    idiocy and mental retardation. Do you realise what an international JOKE
    you are in the aviation community? No sane person takes you serious. You
    are a village idiot. The trails are ICE CRYSTALS. Your idea that flap track
    fairings are “nozzles” is hilarious. You were caught hook like and sinker
    by USAFFECK10

  15. mustanglead

    @Legionoftruthers I wasn’t relying on other peoples testimony or videos my
    friend.. I wouldn’t stake my comments on the fact that someone saw it below
    cumulus. There is such things as Cirrocumulus that exist very high up in
    the troposphere. You may never have seen any credible evidence but maybe
    you should come down have a look under the Daventry CTA and see for
    yourself jets at FL45+ (low enough to see details) leaving very thick
    persistent contrails. Just see for yourself my friend!


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