2 Amazing Chemtrail/Geo-engineering Eyewitness Videos for Research [Canada] (part 1)

Videos originally uploaded on vimeo by user ‘littlebro’ vimeo.com Time-lapse tells a lot that the eye doesn’t notice in sluggish real-time.

25 thoughts on “2 Amazing Chemtrail/Geo-engineering Eyewitness Videos for Research [Canada] (part 1)

  1. fettkatt87

    dont belive all this chemtrail thing. i belive that there is a natural explenation for this fenomenon. I used to belive that they where spraing us to, but not anymore. Now i belive only the Bible and Jesus Christ our only Lord and Savior. Dont be afraid of theese trails in the skies, they are not dangerous. Put your trust in Jesus christ instead and He will give you a new hope. The Bible is 100% true.

  2. stopthebox

    How do they get away with this? Are people so brainwashed by tv and iphones and shit like jersey shore that they can’t even look in the sky and see them poisoning the world? They take our tax dollars and do what ever the fuck they want. I can sure think of a lot better ways of spending the billions they waste on this. The government is a loose dog infected with rabies that needs to be put down. I’m sick of the secrets they keep. They have far too many and they must be stopped.


  3. MrBillytree

    @09683945678n Every day in india 1million babies are born. 500 days = 500million. it willbe hard for them to get that figure. Its to few

  4. 09683945678n

    @Sheilaaliens the chem-trails were created by the leaders of the new world order to destroy our food supply and starve millions till they get the population they want on the planet which is 500,million will only be left on the planet,we watched the military move in down our dirt road and followed where they went and descoverd a microwave blots i can send you a vid on this,but the white flashes you seen we see all the time here the military releases microwave balls into the chemtrails-

  5. lotsofsmarts

    Us too… got up at 5:30am to a beautiful blue sky… crystal clear. Noticed 2 of our white planes. No markings as usual. Both coming from the south heading north. As usual, plumes of white vapor suddenly appear. From horizon to horizon. Then 2 more planes from West to East. Same thing. All planes made u-turns- criss crossing the sky. All total 20 chem trails in checker board pattern. Then the vapors spread and by 9am we had hazy conditions. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. jmecrg

    They spray this in the sky..it raises the ph level in the soil … then they genetically engineer seeds to grow …don’t believe me? Go to ur local ag dept in ur area and get lab reports on the soil from 10 yrs ago up to today …u will see the rise in ph levels …ask a farmer what grows in high ph

  7. Zibi21

    I was wondering what if they spray alumnium in air in order to kinda block pure view of night sky… like lights are reflected by the alumnium so we dont see the starts in pure sight…light bonces off the alumnium and even in durring clear sky we dont see much…10years ago I could see sooo many stars at night that I couldnt count…now durring clear sky and in dark (no el.power around total blackness) I dont see much of those stars anymore ;/ maybe they want to cover the sky before elenin ^^

  8. twolatinas80033

    They were chem trailing the crap outta Colorado Monday I seen one and it was massive like 10X the size of the normal ones.

  9. truthphotos2011

    Wakey..wakey eggs from antibiotic injected chickens and genetically modified bakey. Just doesn’t have the ring of the old rhyme. It just rings of the truth! I talk to everyone I can…everywhere I can. Ninety percent of people just nod and look at me with pity their eyes ” the poor, poor crazy person” I look at them the same way.
    I want to shake them awake. Please get involved October 16th 2011 for ‘Millions Against Monsanto”

  10. evangelineland

    oh, such beautiful country. OMG they just don’t want us to see what’s there in the sky!!!! beautiful Canada looks like US, sick skies : [

  11. mrmacsam

    @FXM555 answer me this ……Why would Montantoe,im assuming you know who they are,genetically modify a mango seed to be resistant to aluminium for Hawaii to grow? Chem trails contain aluminium this is a proven fact that is not up for debate its already been proven
    whats with the aluminium in the sky about any how? please open my eyes(non sarcastic tone)

  12. mrmacsam

    @FXM555 when will yew sheeple awaken im guessing you are extremely educated by the system so I dont expect you to understand what is really happening around us chem trails is just the begining and part of a bigger plan


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