2 Amazing Chemtrail/Geo-engineering Eyewitness Videos for Research [Canada] (part 2)

Videos originally uploaded on vimeo by user ‘littlebro’ vimeo.com

25 thoughts on “2 Amazing Chemtrail/Geo-engineering Eyewitness Videos for Research [Canada] (part 2)

  1. XxFairyGrrlxX

    @Sheilaaliens Hheeeelllooooo Not like trying to get views or anything buy I made this song using an interview about aliens that you should listen to 😀

  2. Julia76087

    thanks for sharing! hey sheila, have you heard the song Fukushima Disaster Execlusive Summary-DUMB-Nuclear Scum, by youtuber Astrotometry, its great, i love it! please check it out! :)

  3. Waffleteer

    they always do this over my school campus. its like there is only clouds over the school and a little bit around that it never rains though

  4. crackerwv

    They are getting sneakier now. I notice they have sprayed one area over UNpopulated areas, the clouds wind drift, THEN they spray OVER those clouds in the POPULATED area so you can’t see them do it….and I’m noticing a big increase in the night spraying, also. Big white streaks in front of the moon is pretty noticeable if you aren’t asleep and get off your ass to go outside at night.

  5. crackerwv

    Laws, cool vid but that music sounds like someone dry heaving to a set of drums and a 3 year old that got into daddy’s guitar case. lol

  6. thalogic2012

    I have footage from today that is amazing. I can send it to you if you want to see it before I can get the video uploaded. Lemme know

  7. mio68df

    can anybody explain….Im so confused about all this chemtrail stuff. those look like contrails and clouds to me. i heard something about the government trying to combat global warming with chemtrails…why are people so worried. is it because they have Aluminum or what? aren’t people worrying to much? i don’t know much info about whats going on soo can anybody explain please


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