2-Stage Aerosol Spraying [Chemtrail Time Lapse Video]

Geoengineering Technique Exposed! Two days of chemtrails, HAARP clouds, dark beams & sun dogs condensed in time-lapse. Saturday & Sunday, August 20 & 21, 2011 – Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) spray planes are shown leaving two types of aerosols, one after the other. The first substance sprayed appears brighter and thicker than the second which is less dense and more “wispy” when dispersed. The suspect chemicals are barium salts for the puffy white clouds and aluminum oxide for the stringy ones.The weekend started off with clear blue skies, so the spraying was obvious at first. Strange cloud formations would materialize following the two-stage aerosol injection. The sky was filled with so much reflective pollution by Sunday night, sun dogs appeared continuously in the evening sky. VIDEO LOG (On YouTube; click time link for direct access): SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2011 0:20 Two stage aerosol spraying. 0:40 Elongated cloud “materializes” with HAARP wave patterns behind the two aerosol injections (time-lapse). 1:00 A chemtrail is dumped across the new cloud stream. 1:15 The chemtrail “boomerangs” like an arrow as the HAARP cloud spreads out. 1:45 Another two-stage aerosol dump with HAARP waves forming behind. 2:00 Plane caught spraying the second stage release of iridescent aerosol particles (aluminum-oxide?). 2:30 Two-stage particle injection next to previous & now expanded two-stage release. Note the color difference, the space between them and how quickly they

10 thoughts on “2-Stage Aerosol Spraying [Chemtrail Time Lapse Video]

  1. chickadillydee

    Oh yeah ..its a game alright..a game on US right before your eyes..look we will be in control…you will have nothing to say about it…contrails..what bull is that..did we ever see this before????NO a big NO..this is a test a big experiment on US>.lets go…this is the big one…we hate what they are doing…they give no comment …so what will it be???? How will we handle this?????

  2. gregman909

    I drove from Salt Lake to West Yellowstone today (a five hour drive) and saw nothing but fluffy fakeness, whispy hell and HAARP rippled nonsense the entire time. Man I wish I had a ground to air missile >: )

  3. lauraasims

    Do you know what is going on in the Palm Springs area – massive, puffy white and grey clouds coming from PS into Temecula for the last four to five weeks?


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