20 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Climate Change — The War On Terra: Speculating topical news events, and how they might be linked to chemtrails and the political agenda revealed in section 5. More tags: global warming documentary commentary analysis hang glider kite remote control plane balloon ski lift beach mountain…

20 thoughts on “20 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. MrLotineGuy

    I am working my way through all 27 videos. Thank you for all your hard work!! This is the best work on the web on the subject of what is happening.in the world. It is even more sinister than I originally thought. I shall take the time to read Agenda 21, now that I know it is the agenda for the 21st century. As for chemtrails, I cannot understand how people don’t see them when the sky looks like spaghetti junction in Birmingham.

  2. TheLoonwolf

    “The last few days (start of January 2010) have been the heaviest snowfall I have ever seen here in Manchester in the UK, and has caused chaos. Coincidentally just before it began was also the heaviest chemtrailing I have ever seen (though I’ve only been observing them for a few months).

    As you’ve seen clearly from this video there are types of chemtrails that can create cloud and even cause flooding, and also types that can remove cloud and prevent rain/snow.


    Come to your senses, Christian bro.

    HOW CAN JESUS BE THE ‘LORD’ while he was a man like us? He ate, slept and went to the toilet etc, like us? God has no weaknesses. Jesus was created. God is not created, but He creates.

    Jesus was a Messenger of God. Never been killed which is why he will return a 2nd time. 1 of his missions: to destroy false Christianity and guide the Jews and Christians.

    Whether people like it or not, THEY ARE GOING TO KNOW.


  4. gracistabu

    Anyone read “State of Fear” by popular fiction author Michael Crichton?? It is about “eco-terrorists” who possess the kind of technology talked about in this video who carry out eco-terrorist attacks (cause storms, earthquakes, tsunami etc) to get people to believe in/fund their anti-global warming cause. Then he died suddenly of cancer after the book came out. His next scheduled book publication has been delayed indefinately….

  5. Keor66

    Cloud seeding are the result of the good Dr. Reich works in the 40’s and used for evil intents by the US military after they killed him in prison.
    Google Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

  6. Keor66

    Chemtrails in fact stop also the rain and make the sun burn much harder,thus creating problems like water and food shortages, obviusly then they can sell the GMO seeds and privatize water company and supplies because water become precious the new OIL!.
    Do they really think we are so stupid not to see al this?.

  7. jbreezes

    Can SEE the water shortage being CREATED when the airforce jets spray above, in and around rainclouds and make rainclouds disappear.

  8. wizardangel

    My Video Green Agenda on the more info has a link that gives details to these clubs –Feel free to copy for those without net to view ..you will see a whole new light about this tech around us –storm is right –

  9. Matey3

    Let’s get them before they get us!
    check out HAARP if you want to know where these earthquakes and tsunamis hurricanes come from not to mention all the dead whales who washed up ashore!
    Thats how evil these bastards are.
    But if and only if we have God on our sides we can Win. otherwise you cannot enjoy their filth in media/TV and be on part of God and nature too.
    Take a pick!

  10. bootme21

    Thank you very much for this film. I have enjoyed it with disgust of what is happening to the natural processes and how it affects ALL life on this planet.

    The megalomania of the elitists of the world is destroying the natural world we know. Their delusional hubris is possibly going to be the end of humanity.

    It is our responsibility to teach our children about the dogma of the cultural worldview of civilization.

    If you do not understand, take a look into Derrick Jensen or Daniel Quinn.

  11. bootme21

    It’s not HUMANITY that is the problem. It is civilization. Civilization is based on hyper-consumption of resources. There is nothing wrong with people. The problem is our cultural worldview.

    We view ourselves as separate from nature. The Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth. We are the product of stars. All of the particles that compose the complex elements were formed in stellar processes.

    The reason the elites are able to control is the cultural worldview of civilization.

  12. chrispyt77

    The BBC speaker from 8:19 until 8:43 is the actual voice used to create the robo-speak used throughout this documentary, I’m 100% sure of it. What do you reckon, everyone?
    I wonder how it works? Like a sampler perhaps..? Certain nuances are programmed in I think – like raised tone for questions and louder voice for subject nouns.

    Also, I’m glad the NWO finally got tied in with the chemtrail/weather mod issue. I thought this doco had morphed into something else, which it sorta has. Still, A+.

  13. algorithm21century

    245 views????? I have had that many on my crap moon movie!!!! Where the hell is everyone ?? if they don’t wakeup soon we are all FUCKED !!!

  14. 3rdEyeDear

    Thanks for the comments. The view count has actually gone down(!).
    To the person who last made a comment here, I thought I clicked approve but it hasn’t shown up, so if I pressed delete by accident, please feel free to post again, sorry about that.

  15. pmartin28

    the NWO can take their “GLOBAL FART TAX” and shove it up their asses, im not paying your fucking FART TAX so i or my children can live
    so any of you NWO supporting fucks or NWO elite bastards get it through your FUCKING MIND, FUCK OFF


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