200 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! Scientific Proof!

For copies of lab results showing aluminum, barium, manganese, thorium, nickel, and many other toxic heavy metals at levels 100’s of X over the max limit for human exposure. See arizonaskywatch.com and click on the 2008 and 2009 results. WE ARE SHOOTING A DOCUMENTARY FILM. We’re in the process of filming the documentary, “What in the World Are They Spraying?”, an in-depth feature exposing the SAG aka Chemtrail agenda. The budget is $22350.00. We’d appreciate any donations made towards our efforts in exposing this important issue. Please contact Mike Murphy at whtagft@hotmail.com for donation, instructions, a detailed outline and more information. Thanks to luckymauro for the video clip…. This is 1 clip already shot for the documentary. http Could a ban of transparent reporting at the Asilomar conference this past February in San Diego be an attempt to cover-up world-wide contamination from Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering Programs? Geo-engineers gathered once again near Monterey California at the Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies meeting to develop norms and guidelines for what they say will be controlled experimentation on geo-engineering the planet. While many claim that stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (SAG), aka chemtrail programs are in full-scale deployment, organizers of this meeting showed a lack of transparency by either denying or holding reporters to a high set of rules which limited what information was brought

25 thoughts on “200 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! Scientific Proof!

  1. barstowron

    I think our government has been covertly using the children as guinea pigs in preparation for some kind of Dr. Moreau shit

  2. thatstheguy07

    I just wanna make somthing clear to everyone. Global warming is not real. So when we see these ppl use combating GW as a reason for this geoengineering, they are lying. They tell us that so we think theyre doing this for a good reason. No, they are not. Its lies. GW is not real, and in fact we are in a cooling period. The climate changes, always has, always will, and its due to the sun. Not carbon. There are other reasons for them spraying all this aluminum, and whatever else.

  3. chrlz904

    Mard, you’re a sungod? I’ll so take you seriously, then… First, try a little WD40 to free up that stuck shift key. Then remind me which scientists those were, that used “imperial” {sic} (teehee) data. I guess them’s the same ones that ct’ers always roll out, the ones dat also tort the world was flat. Imaginary ones. Do you believe in the persistent contrail myth too?

  4. mardockthesungod

    @chrlz904 yeah, these dumb jerks are looking in the sky and seeing changes. they take action by testing the rainwatter. F’ing jerks should know to just blindly follow their ELected leaders. I mean scientists proved that DDT, Asbestos, Mercury and Fluoride were perfectly safe with imperial data. i mean chemtrails don’t exist officially, for now, but when they roll them out officially we should all bELieve them when they say it’s safe and for our own good. It’s all just a coincidence.

  5. pauldavidcrisp

    The planet Venus is warmer than Mercury even thought it is farther away from the sun because of the clouds covering it. This is why it is so birght; the clouds reflect the sunlight. The clouds trap the heat; THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT causes more heat. They are causing global warming if you believe in the greenhouse effect.

  6. chrlz904

    HILARIOUS!!! Trolling indeed.

    I love this stuff – it’s just SOOO scientific! Backyard water tests – yep, that definitely proves chemtrailing :) And I love the documented example of a contrail that shouldn’t exist… oh wait, there isn’t one, that’s the one thing that no chemtrail believer has ever managed to do. You guys are just as competent as the rest of them. But those anecdotes from the gullible are so convincing…

  7. wizardangel

    MORGELLONS: BIOSENSOR & NANOSPHERES SWARM UNDER SKIN –Another Excellent video on this subject ..but the frogs are getting thin here in the S. Ozarks

  8. TheFactsMatter

    @7Christian, “god”…another hoax!

    Sorry, I’ve actually done the research. What YOU’VE done is gather information from OTHER idiots and accept it as truth simply because it’s what you believe. It’s called confirmation bias. I don’t expect you to understand that any more than you understand your own atmosphere and aviation…which you don’t…at all. I’m sorry that you ended up a chemtard.

  9. TheFactsMatter

    @TheConspiracyRealist “even if you? show them all the chemtrails that blanket the sky.”

    Hmm…will that be happening soon?! All I see in these videos are persistent contrails, and lots of silly claims from uneducated conspiracy nuts.

  10. TheFactsMatter

    @Skyywatcher88, Yeah…I was 5. And I was obsessed…and about aviation, I’m STILL obsessed. It’s funny when people like you come around and pretend to understand these subjects. I appreciate the comedy.

  11. TheConspiracyRealist

    Awsome video. So many people think your crazy if you mention chemtrails, even if you show them all the chemtrails that blanket the sky.


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