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  1. bikemech121

    Atmospheric sounding for that day above Nottingham says contrails not possible. Two days before conditions were much nearer to contrail formation yet there were none. Surely these are not contrails but chemtrails after all.

  2. glenninwood

    Notice the more vibrant colours at sunset and sunrise?
    What’s the point with that comment?
    Sunlight has to travel further through atmosphere at sunrise and sunset so the blue gets reduced through rayleigh scattering and all clouds look vibrant red/orange whether they be contrails, clouds or smoke from forest fires.

  3. glenninwood

    They are commercial airline pilots. These are all contrails, not Chemtrails.
    Chemtrails are different. Deliberately sprayed trails would obviously be able to be sprayed at any height just like a crop duster. These are high altitude contrails that form as a result of condensation and freezing of water vapour the same way clouds do.
    Alex Jones has now discovered that the only real chemtrails are actually invisible. Spray that reaches the ground obviously will not hang in the sky like this.

  4. ddiiaa52

    Who are the people flying the planes. How can they live with themselves unless they are NWO also.


    like the rooftops, cityscape panorama, timelapse bit at the start, other great footage too, im a sucker for timelapse… of anything… good work sir!

  6. spiderweb20

    open skies treaty doesnt mean you can fly anywhere you want, that’d be suicide. there’s air traffic control. We’re free to drive everywhere we want but there’s still rules we have to follow. In these cases, there’s too many planes in the air so they divert flights to circle round or move over till they’re clear to continue.


    I don’t believe on this occasion these were commercial flights – Norwich has military airspace to the North ‘Wash Aerial Tactics Area’ and East ‘Lakenheath Arial Tactics Area’ – which on this occasion is where the trails were, however these pilots seem to have freedom to fly where they want due to the ‘Open Skies Treaty’ – also check out ‘HR2977″

  8. dcap2

    Must have taken a long time to write this comment with so many caps and lower case letters, but I agree

  9. spiderweb20

    looks like jettrails from commercial flights. I live close to an airport and once the planes hit a certain height, they start to trail. it’s exhaust.




  11. stevee0303

    I really do feel way out of my depth when numbskulls like you seem to be the intelligent group behind chemtrails.
    You can’t even spell devastation and write like a 14yr old.


    He didn’t dream it up himself, He got his orders from the people that told him what to write about – which is how Aldous Huxleys “Brave New World’ came about.


    He says in ‘The shape of things to come’ there are references to spraying the planet.

    During most of his career, Orwell was best known for his journalism, in essays, reviews, columns in newspapers and magazines and in his books of reportage.

    Between 1941 and 1943, Orwell worked on propaganda for the BBC. In 1943, he became literary editor of the Tribune, a weekly left-wing magazine. By now he was a prolific journalist, writing articles, reviews and books.


    Hi steve, that dude is Alan Watt – I recommend that you and everyone else listen to his radio show, you can download them via Itunes free of charge, there is a couple of years archive, so plenty of choice.


    Ha Ha Ha + Ho Ho Ho yOu ReAlLy are One FuNny Guy n a Star ReaDer To Boot _ DoN’t You Think Your a Bit oUt of Depth, CommEnTinG ON ChEmTRAils WheN you CoulD Be LookiNG at TIttiES and ReadinG Celebrity Guff,

    HoW aBout a PlasTiC CoFFin 4 ChRistMAs, I hEar FEMA Have Many oF theM rEady To Go!!

    Wake Up DuDe iTs 2009, Can’T you see The DevastioN aRouNd yoU, All CrEatED By thE New WoRlD order _ CheMtrailS r Just A small Part oF it.

  16. stevee0303

    Yep they had a break over christmas just like everyone else, hahaha!!!

    What do you get a chemical spraying jet pilot for christmas???

  17. stevee0303

    I am not in disagreement that this is possibly occuring, It’s just not happening in this video. Like I said, just stating that this footage is of normal aircraft leaving normal contrails. I question whether you have actually witnessed chemical spraying aircraft or possess the experience to ascertain the use of aerosols??? The apparent vibrant colours are due to the sunlight levels and not the actual contrail itself, hence why sunsets and sunsrises are considered beautiful.

  18. wikkipikki

    I did not film this, I am just commenting.

    How do you know these are not chemtrails? Most of them look like aerosols to me, please do more research or watch the skies. These planes are rampant now – also notice the more vibrant colours at sunset/sunrise.

    I can understand that you want to believe these are normal plane contrails, its a ridiculous theory – but unfortunately true.

    These are ‘soft kill’ exotic weapons with patents and named in the ‘Space Preservations Act 2001’ (HR 2977)

  19. stevee0303

    Hahahaha the dude commentating states that george orwell was an unimaginative man and then uses him as a reference for chemtrails, hahaha. He was a science fiction writer with a very imaginative mind.
    Chemtrails are real!!! George Orwell says so.

  20. stevee0303

    No contradiction whatsoever, i’m merely stating that the video here is of plane contrails not supposed chemtrails. If you had footage of chemtrails then it’d be a contradiction. I know this is going as you put it, but you don’t know what your filming and it confirms you as being stupid. As for my preference in newspapers i’d opt for the daily star myself.

  21. wikkipikki

    Sorry my friend, but you contradicted yourself – ‘It’s plane contrails, get over it. If they are doing it the planet must be needing it’ – you sound like an ‘expert’ from a newspaper article. You obviously know this is going and decided to leave this comment – now you look seriously stupid.

  22. stevee0303

    You guys need to get out more and stay off the internet!!! It’s plane contrails, get over it. If they are doing it the planet must be needing it but taking footage of genuine contrails and fooling yourselves into thinking it’s supposed chemtrails makes you look seriously stupid.


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