2010 Olympic winter games Chemtrail/Geo-engineering report #1 Foggy notions…

UPDATE, Wyclef Jean running for president of Haiti !: Jean told TIME he is going to announce his candidacy for the Nov. 28 election just days before the Aug. 7 deadline. One plan that was discussed, loaded with as much Mosaic symbolism as a news cycle can hold, called for him to declare his candidacy on Aug. 5 upon arriving in Port-au-Prince from New York City, where he grew up after leaving Haiti with his family at age 9. “If not for the earthquake, I probably would have waited another 10 years before doing this,” Jean says. “The quake drove home to me that Haiti can’t wait another 10 years for us to bring it into the 21st century.” Jean sees no contradiction between his life as an artist and his ambitions as a politician. “If I can’t take five years out to serve my country as President,” he argues, “then everything I’ve been singing about, like equal rights, doesn’t mean anything.” . www.time.com . Update 17th Feb. Vice Pres of USA arrives for opening ceremonies, good chance these trails are not all what some think health wise. Will Thomas? There is science online to study if you think this is just conspiracy: www.scribd.com . I hope that is not what was going on. . Great 13 part article on the business and profit of the Olympic machine that needs 8 Billion in Canadian tax dollars: www.businessinsider.com . Feb. 9/2010 . Has BC’s water been sold under NAFTA? in our airspace as well? Fog carries moisture, rain clouds don’t. Now how unbelievable could that be? . Update

24 thoughts on “2010 Olympic winter games Chemtrail/Geo-engineering report #1 Foggy notions…

  1. NOmeansnoFAN

    Great vis Steve!
    But….to use terms like “you think this is just conspiracy” as in your info only aides these nefarious control freaks. It is a conspiracy. The media has altered our language to enable the guilty. Just as a “theory” is false, or a guess, a “hypothesis” is the term. A theory is proven and repeatable.
    Expo 86 used geo-engineering to stop the rain.


    You must see this *MAYOR FOR LONDON ENDORSES CHEMTRAILS* Olympic Games UK you tube d o t com /watch?v=dJbTuTMuT2Y

  3. blite13

    Obviously they have all the marbles except one, that is we have the masses marble. They need us to produce, to pay taxes and buy as much material garbage as they can shove down our throats. We need to remove ourself from this system, we need to slow down production, to stop buying shit we don’t need, to stop paying taxes, hit them where it hurts, turn their system against them. It can be done, if we all come together and learn the truth of these diabolical “elites”. Good Luck.

  4. blite13

    Check out ” the cloud mystery”, it’s a guy from Denmark who has a very interesting theory with facts to back it up.

  5. janettine

    @blite13 In reply. Majorca has been swampped with chemtrails for some years now. I am sick of it. The winters here are terrible now. As soon as we get a nice blue sky, out come the chemtrails. I am so angry about it and feel helpless as what to do. We are being poisoned because they have done tests on them here and there is 7 times more aluminium in them than anywhere else. Surely we can find the culprits and do something. We are large numbers and they are few. We have to get them soon but how

  6. coldhardfacts

    another Hopi prophecy talks of “spider webs being spun back and forth in the sky” To me that sounds like a description of these “chemtrails”.
    You know there’s alot of people out there who think the luciferian illuminati and NWO is just conspiracy. Blows my mind how ignorant many people still are

  7. blite13

    Who cares about Alex Jones….he has info, but he is into making money off it too, so what. This isn’t about Alex Jones, it’s about truth.

  8. blite13

    HAARP is used to wipe out clouds as well. Hopi Indians said we will die from a fog in the air, there will be mass deaths from the sickness in the sky. Is this what the trails are? A slow kill, where we will suffer slow deaths? Where we (according to their plan) will beg for their mercy, inturn, we will beg to accept the luciferian system = global government and don’t forget the chip. It’s up to all of us, it’s becoming very obvious what the agenda is, please don’t accept it.

  9. coldhardfacts

    I too know that natural clouds are in decline. And un-natural clouds(chemtrails) are on the incline. Maybe these chemtrails are wiping out the moisture to make natural clouds. And people are getting so used to seeing un-natural clouds… they think they are natural

  10. chemsky750

    ya once this summer like weather showed up it wasnt too bad really, but then just before the storms in week two of the games sure enough planes return, but not at the numbers they are in the summer months.. likely due to people like Ben and Arnie visiting town..

  11. blite13

    This is a worldwide operation, if you go to my page and watch ” the cloud mystery”. The scientist in the film proves that we are experiencing a lack of cloud production, caused by lack of solar activity. Is man trying to replace clouds that are not forming? We need to be informed, but, this program and the lack of acknowledgment from authorities and the media, shows that we can be held in the dark. It shows the masses can and will be deceived, so, how can anyone believe anything anymore?


    BC schools PE and other programs suffered for these games, the ambulance EMT’s were sent back to work for these games and they patch us up and save our lives! Police and others were tasked impossible levels of work as well I would guess. Who is benefitting? which “investors”. The bill is near 8 Billion, only 1-1.5 Billion at best predicted revenues.


    The much in need Cypress mountain got 12+ inches after this geo-engineering. A byproduct I doubt it was by order.


    Thanks, would have never started if it were not for local cable show with Will Thomas and my local member of Parliament as a host Libby Davies.
    I noticed the horror show theories got the most hits and did not buy most of them.
    I knew if it was as malicious it sure would not need to span a decade. Fear is hard on people,
    -just an investigative reporter with integrity I hope no side chosen, the only divider is truth or lack there of.

  15. ArgotMay

    Got some talent there, Steve. Glad you’re on our side. Hope some folks take the time to study up on this. Young people are getting the shaft.

  16. WellSightedGentleman

    13 billion for tools of trade, omfg does she actually realize what she is saying?

    great information, the chinese are very candid about their geoengineering as i have mentioned to the little snipes before,

    you know in fact it says alot about “democratic” governements that collude and do not disclose, that they allow this scientistic tyranny, when our grandfathers delivered their poor asses from fascist domination equal to this, only 60 years ago?

  17. 1995firefly4dr

    i had witnessed this morning an aerosol tanker attacking a cumuli cloud and later causing it to disperse. over chilliwack, have some low resolution cell phone snaps.


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