2011 Revolution of Mind | Chemtrails Expert Carnicom Interviewed…finally 1/4

DOWNLOAD special Chemtrails Book: www.bluenomore.com Sometime around late 1998, unmarked jet aircraft were observed flying over the United States of America, spraying unknown substances into the sky. It quickly became obvious that this was something dramatically out of the ordinary. The spray was left hanging in thick, long, parallel lines that spread out to create “white-out” in what had just before been clear, blue skies. Other flight patterns were observed, including “chequerboard” cross hatching and also “tick-tack-toe” random paths. The common denominator was the fact that these spray trails behaved very differently from familiar jet contrails: they didn’t go away. The activity was observed in localities where jet aircraft were not normally known to fly. Often the altitude of the big planes seemed significantly lower than that of commercial jet traffic. Before long it became a frequent and widespread occurrence. Since World War II, water vapour trails from the exhaust and airframes of high-altitude jets has been a common sight across onethe world. Characteristically, these contrails maintain a fixed distance behind the planes as they traverse the sky, much like the wake of a boat. Contrails always disappear within a very short time. But this new phenomenon was clearly different. Instead of vanishing in the familiar way, these enormously-long trails persisted, spreading out to cover huge areas, often completely obscuring the blue sky altogether. The phenomenon was

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