2012-1119 “Massive Pacific Chemtrail Operation Underway”

A massive operation now underway in the Pacific. Evening November 19-2012 I not quite sure what it eventually means, but this region now being engineered wit…

25 thoughts on “2012-1119 “Massive Pacific Chemtrail Operation Underway”

  1. EnergyInventor

    They were killing us here in Houston, TX a couple of days ago and still
    spraying. That day was by far the worst I have ever seen it. They were not
    even trying to hide it. Planes were dumping huge chemtrails in front of the
    Sun.I watch them turn off the spray, turn around, and do it all over again.
    Now, I’m wondering what disasters is upon us. The HAARP map has been lit up
    like a Christmas tree across the the whole US. They are insane psychopaths.

  2. thechief762

    All you are doing here is pointing at clouds and saying “Huge Operation”.
    So, YOUR failure to explain is MY fault? Nice try at transference. Chicken
    Little tried to blame the acorn, so this is pretty much the same thing,
    right? You’ve got to be kidding…..

  3. natureboyxx

    I got some video footage of the sprays in Sonoma County & the different
    patterns that have drifted over head.

  4. haxsys

    I’ve been noticing a lot of this going on west of us, here in southern
    Oregon. Oddly enough, I’m seeing it done, mostly, after dusk. Same drive
    every evening and I’ve never seen planes on a regular basis, like I have
    the last two nights. It almost seems like they’re trying to get the
    southern (high pressure) stream to pinch off the northern (low pressure)
    stream, which would cause a low cell to travel across the northern part of
    the U.S.

  5. Lobo Texican

    Why do you suppose they have steeped up operations? And why do they no
    longer try to cover up their spray program? Is this further indications of
    our police state or is something wicked coming soon? I have nothing but
    questions anymore. Thanks for your weather reports, its nice to trust a
    weatherman for a change. :)

  6. roseinthepines

    Seems like a lot of reports of heavier than usual trailing across the
    country the past couple of days. I have often thought that forecasters are
    not taking the geo-engineering efforts into account in forecasts. How could
    they anyway since everything seems to be so secret. I imagine also someday
    the forecast will say “sunny with occasional persistent contrails with
    white-out skies by end of day”. That will be when we know we are trouble.

  7. paintedmandolin71

    Just herd you scott on clydes show,and i live in NM,and ill keep my eyes
    open,looks like a wisp of that is moving our direction..Thanks scott,been a
    fan since 05.

  8. Scott Stevens

    When money is no object, as s the case with the shadow banking system, then
    efficiency and effectiveness of the project remains paramount.

  9. Scott Stevens

    I did television weather for twenty years after going to met school at the
    University of Kansas then I did some storm chasing research and got a paper
    published titled “Electromagnetic Fields Recorded in Thunderstorms”
    published in 2008 in the National Weather Digest. I was also member of the

  10. burkeycindi

    Massive, massive massive. Sky covered. Has anyone noticed health impacts
    from this…the last major spraying they did was the beginning of October,
    sprayed for a week then there were several days of rain, I got really sick.

  11. bitemegoogle

    Hello Scott. I was wondering if you could add some commentary for off of BC
    coast also. In southern Alberta, we’re socked in with the icefog that we
    had a couple weeks ago for 2 weeks straight, again. Also, what is the site
    you are using for looking at the satellite pics. Thanks for answering my
    question on the other vid, appreciate it. Great work. Thanks.

  12. haxsys

    I’ve even noticed a lot down here in Southern Oregon, most of it is being
    done at night, oddly enough. Disturbing, to say the least.


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