21 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Climate Change — The War On Terra: Speculating topical news events, and how they might be linked to chemtrails and the political agenda revealed in section 5. More tags: global warming documentary commentary analysis hang glider kite remote control plane balloon ski lift beach mountain…

18 thoughts on “21 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. iceisnice61

    Did you happen to catch that at 4:40,
    while speaking to a state envio official, the official says ” proving the source is a”…and “Barium is a hallmark OF OTHER CHEMTRAIL TESTING”WTF!
    Basicly admitting that chemtrail experiments exsist and that Barium is part of it.
    well so much for conspiracy theories.
    wonder if she still has a job.

  2. kspr06

    @P514sub ……failed? no my dude its perfect, the vaccines are going to finish off the rest.
    Luton is just outside london, what theyre showing is further north and other regions down south where the ground is flat or in a valley.

  3. P514sub

    Do you think H1N1 was a failed attempt to reduce population? Any ways this is one of the best homemade videos yet five stars!

    My mum was born in Lutton England is that far from where you live? Then she moved to Canada so I’m half british!

  4. iceisnice61

    if I may Matey.
    D Icke I believe was just in Washington State a few weeks ago. His site is updated regularly.
    As an interested person of events, I found Icke’s book “The Biggest Secret” to be fascinating. From some of his vids, I believe the ‘Reps” came into being after visiting with a “holy man” from South America. The book has a chapter in it explaining why he did it “talked about them” (he was warned by loved ones not to), and how they came into being.
    I highly recommend the book

  5. iceisnice61

    I believe you are correct.
    Its just my feeling, but something is up in the ether. Nothing to do w/ the crazy Myan and their callander, but 2010 to 2012 has always had a weird feeling for me. I though it was just from reading S. Kubrik 2010 many yrs ago. But w/ London getting the 2012 games and the word ZION 2012 as their logo, plus all the real crazy stuff that is going on….
    tick tock, tick tock…..
    Take care.

  6. iceisnice61

    Thats what I saw as well 68.8 ppm.
    I figured just missed something in the editing.
    At 68.8 ppm we would ALL be having a bad day.

  7. chrispyt77

    the main baddie in the vaccines is ethyl mercury. – it’s so called ‘organic’ mercury but the Hg content accounts for 50 % of the ‘ethyl mercury’. It’s not good. And since the number of vaccines a child takes in his young life has risen exponentially in the last 20 years, autism has gone up also.

    Much of the autism and ADHD is actually the result of accute mercury poisoning.
    I will try to cite some papers – please be in touch, Chris.

  8. PandaOrgy47

    ugh, im all for this video, except for a few points, one being the anti-vaccine message

    people, my mom works in medtech, as a clinical lab scientist designs vaccines… there is nothing in them that would link it to autism, unless attaining the disease itself would cause the genetic abnormality…
    but otherwise good work! =)

  9. Matey3

    BTW Do you know what happened to David Ike?
    Why did he start that nonsense about “reptilians”?
    was he trying to discredit s or does he really believe in that?
    (Or is he for real)?
    Forget the politicians they are 99% corrupt and setup there by the low-life bastards, there are few exceptions such as Dr. Ron Paul who has never got paid by govt. and refuses to accept salary and makes money from his profession which is delivering babies or JF Kennedy who was murdered by the same zionist bastards!

  10. soulvisitor

    Dont talk about the weather, is the best chemtrail/nwo doco there is, very well made. I use this video to awaken others, thankyou.


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