26 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Dead End of the Trail: Summary and solutions. Light at the end of the rabbit hole. There’s also a pep-talk for those in-the-know. Featuring the voice-over of Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com. global warming documentary commentary analysis hang glider kite remote control plane balloon…

25 thoughts on “26 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. iceisnice61

    The reason for the war on the middle and uppermiddle class

    We are the Ruling Elites greatest threat.

    Fu$king Educated, Smart, Free thinking Units with MONEY (well used to), and land to grow their own food. (garden)
    We have to get rid of them.
    The POOR and stupid/ignorant are NO threat to them.

  2. rotnflesh

    Look up Bank of the World and pay close attention to the banking institutions and what they have done the last few months; Also, watch “The Obama Deception”, “America: Freedom to Fascism”, “Zeitgeist/Zeitgeist: Addendum”, and “The Money Masters”

  3. rotnflesh

    We can call the chemtrails a “pacifying non-violent civilian oppression” tactic…nonviolence in the form of non-physical; It appears as if its a long-term suppression weapon geared towards reducing the concentration of opposition to the New World Order to isolated areas, or fragmented groups..We will be too weak or strained on resources to fight the takeover that is coming

  4. PikeSdream

    ‘Just following orders’ is no excuse you people in the Air / flight industry.

    Where are the whistle blowers?


  5. Simple2Perfection

    The sub-human fliers; air traffic controllers…. who also have knowledge of this crime on humanity sadly don’t stop to think the implication on themselves and their family… To the air staff you are killing yourself and your families, friends as well Wake Up and Think for a moment, you are a victim being used for the few and you will die as well … you are not exempt….

  6. 3rdEyeDear

    To sodaphine: I don’t see it as quote mining or dishonest. I saw this story as a piece to the puzzle. It’s obviously open to interpretation and that’s fine, but this was my take on it. The mainstream news aren’t going to say “poisoned by chemtrails” are they? Better to call it a “fume event”. We know the sky is completely polluted with this toxic mess, which no-one in the mainstream press will address. In my opinion that is the real “fume event”, and that is why the article was included. Cheers.

  7. sodaphine

    further to Squidgy55, here is the part of the mirror article conspicuous by its absence:

    “The problem – called a fume event – occurs when air entering through the plane’s engines becomes contaminated with toxic chemicals used in engine oil. The toxins get mixed up with oxygen pumped out of air vents – sending poisonous air into the plane.”

    Don’t they call that quote mining? Isn’t that just totally DISHONEST?

  8. URAterrorist

    What is unbelievably dumb, is someone who thinks contrails and chemtrails are the same thing. Yes any idiot knows that contrails form at high altitudes and low temperatures. Chemtrails however, form at ANY altitude and at ANY temperature. There are 4 seasons where I live. Chemtrails form in ALL of them. Iv’e only been watching this anomaly for 10 years now. If they don’t spray all night, my morning BLUE sky turns completely WHITE EVERY afternoon. This may be your memory of normal, but not mine!

  9. Matey3

    I called the police and wrote to a city councilman but nothing happened. I mean the police acted as if I was living in another world I asked them to go outside and look (Idiots). even a retard can see some thing’s wrong.
    the councilman also said he didnt know what i was talking about?
    this is in England. But as the man said they are spraying all over the world. which means there are No independent country left on earth.
    they are bunch of kiss a** bastards.

  10. johnneedslove

    i’m going to start documennting in my area of maryland. i see it all the time. will post the videos as i make them. we should all do the same.

  11. SquareElix

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  12. SquareElix

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  13. SquareElix

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  14. SquareElix

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  15. Wiebe1967

    Good comment commonsense, I fully agree. For those who wonder why western governments do this, see the work of David Icke and Michael Tsarion for a closer look behind the scenes. Then you know why history repeats itself!

  16. onblock7

    I agree with the guy on the video as well, how the hell can you look and honestly deny this? This just looks unreal, seriously look at them doubters. WTF is that shyt? Seriously look into the skies and open your eyes people, these are not normal nor were they there like this in the 90’s from what I can remember as a youngin.


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