3/3 “Quick Diffuse” CONtrail/chemtrails: Chemiluminescent Glow Langley, BC ‘Canada’ 18/09/’12

This 3 part sequence demonstrates the use of quick diffusion chemtrails to con and cull the bewildered herd. Radioactive barium and strontium have been sprayed on the West Coast of Van Isl and is carried through densely populated Van Isl/Vancouver/Lower Mainland areas by the prevailing winds. Depleted Uranium (DU), White & Red Phosphorous has been used in joint ‘US’ & ‘Canadian’ naval ‘training exercises’ ongoing in the Pacific Northwest. The use of these carcinogenic/toxic substances in correlation with the insidious technetronic grid insures that we are all irradiated, microwaved and lobotomised with psychotronic frequencies. Harden up to the Brutal Truth before you are too sick to FTNWO! – Captain Chemtrail, Kamikaze Pilot in the Info War

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