35 CHEMTRAIL VIDS 1 DAY! PT1 – 8th SEP 2012 UK

Full credit goes to You Tube user Mercifully101 of Kent Chemtrails Awareness for this excellent idea and video compilation that depicts the chemtrail sprayin…

8 thoughts on “35 CHEMTRAIL VIDS 1 DAY! PT1 – 8th SEP 2012 UK

  1. Thetruthwillfindu

    This is incredible. It brings tears to my eyes. Our sky’s are full of the fallen angels. The great and final battle is begun. There is no avoiding it. Accept Jesus christ into your heart it is? our only hope of salvation. We will win but not without some discomfort. Peace

  2. john wright

    These people that fly the chem planes over my head, are not doing this to save the planet.This is control of Food, water, and air.When the dirt becomes toxic enough and it won’t grow a turnip!!, Geo-engineers of Alberta and British Columbia, answer me this. Do you People think living under-ground is close enough to hell for you,and your kind.???Good Luck with the worms I’m in control of them, they came first,and Flesh was Last.Geo’s one word of advice if? you don’t eat them,they will eat you.!!

  3. john wright

    This is not just weather modification, by our Worlds University’s !!!! Backed by Military.!!! This is slow walk to hell,from whatever (Eden) the Earth was!!! This is Control of The Sun !!!THE SUN of GOD!!! Man did not create this Beautiful Gift !!!The lessons to be learned from Nature will be harsh, if this continues!!!She Will Blow Her Mountain Tops Off,and Jam an Ice Age Down Your Throats.!!!And if that don’t get your attention, Fire Balls will do the trick too.!!!Toy with that? Gift!!!

  4. cyberage100

    That must be what is causing this foot of snow in the middle of April in Colorado? Did our Airforce spray a little to much and cause you guys another mini Ice age over there. Is this getting even or what? LOL!!! But not even funny! Looks like we are all kind of screwed by these A-hole in the sky????


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