4-24-11 Death Dumps Return After Griffin Declares “Chemtrail Awareness Day”

11 thoughts on “4-24-11 Death Dumps Return After Griffin Declares “Chemtrail Awareness Day”

  1. GrassyKnollTrolls

    @truejustice1 , there is a bit of truth to that. Manganese has been proven to cause people to become crazed and violent. The murder capital of the world per capita isn’t Chicago or L.A., it’s a small town in Australia near a manganese factory. Check out Dick Gregory and Prince discussing this on seperate interviews. I have it uploaded on my channel.

  2. lowrider1007

    @911PLANET what difference does it make what they spray, we already knew about that before griffin made his documentary. If griffin was truely concerned about chemtrails, he would be addressing the real reason for the spraying – not global warming – i want to know what is accomplished by the spraying. us chemtrailers need to question his motives and not be so eager to jump on his band wagon is all I am saying.

  3. casecar

    I commented last night night, you haven’t replied?
    seems all your doing is confusing those who believe/see CT’s and as you film them, you provide no answers either way!! WTF?
    you are on the fence per say… perhaps funded by either/or?…
    either put up or shut-up!!! whose side are you on?
    We the people or them the convicts…

  4. mikemb123

    @007silverfox its obvious you have failed to do any research on Griffin or his background before being completely taken in by his obvious scams.

  5. mikemb123

    @truejustice1 I’m not angry at anyone just trying to get the truth out I have to call things how I see them

  6. EnergySupply2008

    There is no proof of a set up. The powers that be simply were aware of chemtrail awareness day and so they decided not to spray.

  7. truejustice1

    bro i think the chemtrails make us angry at each other because everytime i go out and THERES CHEMTRAILS I get upset for no reason and I eliminated all other factors….

  8. 007silverfox

    you are full of it!!! do your research, you are guessing, cause you said I think, make sure you have facts before you put anyone down, I happen to know edward griffin knows his shit

  9. lowrider1007

    those little events mobilize the chemtrailers and incite them to talk to ppl, and of course the chemtrailers will repeat all the things that were spoken about in the faux documentary, making us look crazy. we go out and talk about chemtrails when the sky is clear. do no use griffin’s terminology pleeze. It is not about WHAT they are spraying, it is about WHY they are spraying.


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