4 planer chemtrail and time lapse

excuse the long length of black i will revise. 4 plane side by side spray herts uk november 14 08

25 thoughts on “4 planer chemtrail and time lapse

  1. Totalreformer

    All chemtrails deniers have to confront the next generation with the explanation when they ask us “why did you not act when the sky and sun dissapeard?” “well we just where to sheepish and coward, sorry son” If there will be any next generation. Latest research tells that eating GMO crops creates sterility in just third generation. This was a great scientific operation in Poland conducted on Hamsters. 95% of all soya beans world wide are GMO
    You drink soya? Tell you grandchildren future bye bye!

  2. LaDricka1

    Oh my God !! How can 4 planes fly in the sky at the same time ? it must be the Illuminati. Oh my Gawd !! This would have to mean that water vapor condenses ? Totally bizarre, This can’t be ?

  3. julescicle

    contrails big deal. youre in britain i imagine, its a small place therefore bigger concentration of military. its military yes absolutely but ruling them as chemtrails is just bollocks if every plane emits contrails then i see no difference in this. in san diego where im from planes of this stature flew like this all the time. you need to use your brain just relax.

  4. Epoxynous

    @Theitisme400 Do you actually know what radiative forcing is?

    It’s simply the difference between incoming and outgoing solar radiation. It’s not something people do, it’s something they measure.

  5. Theitisme400

    @Epoxynous as well as the fact that contrails very rarely form below 25,000 ft and the fact that the “humidity” argument collapses when i see several planes leaving trails that are WELL below that height, i will post these shortly. I had correspondence with Gregorca and (as well as being extremely rude) he was somewhat knowledgeable in atmospherics but it hasn’t done anything to stop me believing that these planes are certainly spraying something for the purpose of “dimming” or “R-Forcing”

  6. Theitisme400

    @Epoxynous That might be the official line, but there is no way that Euro-Fighters would leave contrails like that. The water vapour that nucleates behind a fighter jet (even if it’s mixed with slight exhaust soot) DOES NOT persist in the way shown in this video. This phenomena is being documented WORLD WIDE, and so are the health problems.

  7. GregOrca


  8. woddensoapbox

    4 next to eachother?? wow… great video!!
    bastards killing the world
    i have never seen 4 side by side like that

  9. 1973freebyrd

    The most I’ve seen at one time was 3 staggered side by side, wondered the same thing if they were commercial.

  10. toiwin

    nano particles bioengineered causing disease called morgellons which no one will treat or admit exists with fibers of red blue and white coming out of body and red sores. nano particles clump together as designed and side effect is that they come out of skin. they are spraying this rubbish from planes

  11. mudvayneman13

    if these were contrails then those would be jets right? well the fact of the matter is that those things arent jets! they are mortars being fired into the ait (during daytime) to spread toxic chemicals into the atmosphere such as barrium and mercury. Once they burn a certain amount of chemicals they fall back to the ground or disinteregate. look up the pattent for these items. no pilot is needed to be brainwashed for them to do this on the daily. WAKE UP!

  12. danieljh

    It could have been fighter jets in formation…..HOWEVER…did the trails disappear?

    If they didn’t disappear and hung around for hours….yeah…its chemtrails/Aerosols.

  13. streetwarrior31

    and whats makes me laugh so hard is some stupid fucking people that thinck that we dont note that they are fucking shills,are allways saying that “” oh c´on, you dont know what you sow” or,”it has be done since ever” ….trying to make fool of owerselfs,debunking this shittttttt


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