4 year old talking about chemtrails

My 4 year old son talks about chemtrails. He really raves about it too, even tells strangers down the street. I’ll have to make another video soon, on a day with chemtrails around, and he’ll actually explain for you, the difference between a chemtrail and contrail. He has a bit of a sore throat at the moment, and he reckons it’s all their fault. Out of the mouths of babes as they say.

7 thoughts on “4 year old talking about chemtrails

  1. sovereigngypsy

    My son will explain how eating too much of the poisons they put in packets? of chips and a lot of other food can make you sick, and how the red paint in cordial makes him climb the walls lol.

  2. sovereigngypsy

    It’s not the same world we grew up in, that’s for sure.

    To live in denial of certain facts, and then in turn encourage the same? denial in curious, information hungry kids, to instead insist that they learn all about santa clause, the easter bunny and shrek, or the devil and fires of hell, is real phsycological damage, not the chance of it, and parentally neglectful considering they’re unprepared to deal with serious issues that will most certainly increase in their time.

  3. sovereigngypsy

    I’m of the understanding that since the Fukushima incident, these three reactors have been spreading radiation globally, and no doubt further meltdowns will occur in other places, the measured and verified levels of aluminum, barium, strontium and many other chemicals in rainwater tests, the increasing radioactive fallout in many places, and the more common use of depleted uranium in munitions is very real, and? very dangerous.

  4. sovereigngypsy

    Just as I would tell him? not breathe cigarette smoke, near the exhaust of a car, when you’re using the flyspray, that black smoke billowing because he just decided to throw that old foam box on the fire, spray that can of motor degreaser over himself like deodorant, drink the water out of the swimming pool, and thought the bubbles in that bucket of clothes soaking in bleach smelled pretty damn good and wanted to wash his face in it.

  5. sovereigngypsy

    Throughout Asia and so many other places, people have been wearing at? least a paper mask for years, because of massive levels of pollution of all kinds. To these parents, I’m sure it would seem neglectful and even delusional NOT to inform their children of the dangers posed by this pollution.

  6. sovereigngypsy

    You are so right about the electromagnetic pollution, and it’s the reason I don’t like my kids using mobile phones, when tests have clearly shown that? with the thickness of their skulls, kids brainwave activity was negatively disrupted for 3 hours from a 20 minute call.

  7. ella5024

    You could be doing a lot of psychological damage to your child by telling him he is being poisoned. It’s all a big psyop, anyway, and they aren’t even real planes. It has been going on for decades, too! Nothing is being sprayed out of fake airplanes, I can assure you of that. It is ionized air. What you can do to protect your health is to get some negative ion generators that cancel out electromagnetic waves, because chemtrails cause plasma, which is? positively charged, and that is bad for you.


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