4/19/2011 – ‘HAARP VLF RINGS’ — St. Louis –Tornadoes or Severe = DIRECT HIT within 24

About 12 hours after issuing this alert .. the CENTER of the ring area was hit with a series of strong tornados. April 19, 2011 +++++++++++++ Here we see a well defined “HAARP VLF/UHF” ring over saint louis.. coming directly from our Airport. This means within 24-48 hours AFTER this current storm blows through.. severe weather up to tornadoes will appear and HIT the center of the ring area.. which in this case is North Saint Louis Missouri… aka Saint Charles over to Ferguson, Florissant, Hazelwood and granite City illinois. I believe these weather modification systems are at dual use facilities located at airports and NWS nexrad RADAR stations. FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: www.law.cornell.edu

25 thoughts on “4/19/2011 – ‘HAARP VLF RINGS’ — St. Louis –Tornadoes or Severe = DIRECT HIT within 24

  1. rossi00891

    You want the reason the US government would attack it’s own people? So that they can wipe out land and basically clear it for real estate, while also breaking the owners/citizens financially. Hedge Funds plan to buy up the land for farming purposes, it’s in the news.

  2. ravetunes

    a tornado came out of my ass in the toliet today was this haarp? ?? !! or was it the curry i ate last night?? !!! it was smelly too is this harrp or just a smelly wet shit?

  3. Catamount1412


    I think that’s exactly the problem. People are uneducated. In a nation where 1 in 2 people don’t know that electrons are smaller than atoms (PEW research poll), most just don’t have the science understanding to appreciate why these claims about a mere 3MW array are implausible, or even the education to understand basic critical thinking.

    Sad as it is, this reality makes it easy for some guy to look impressive when he points at pixels on a screen and make wild claims about them.

  4. nekstask

    This is ridiculous. There is not proof. Why is the epic center for each ring a RADAR? Ask meteorologists, it’s a common error that occurs. Thanks for predicting tornados during tornado season which was predicted by the farmers almanac to be bad.

  5. nekstask

    @Catamount1412 your right this crap is rediculous. And only people who are easily fooled and uneducated believe this crap

  6. bradandnat2008

    @WatercolorLoving Channel 5 was not the only station warning everybody. I was watching ch.2 which in fact team up with ch. 11 They were on all night covering the storm. Warning people and telling them to seek some kind of shelter because this storm was going to be bad.

  7. DominaElle

    I would REALLY like more data!! Seriously. This isn’t looking good, but I am willing to question every side of this. C’mon people!

  8. Catamount1412


    You know, questioning goes both ways.

    There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical; the problem here is that you seem to be completely lacking in skepticism on the side of the conspiracy theorists.

    Sure, if there’s actual evidence to discuss for some mass conspiracy by the US government to attack its own people, but that conclusion rests on premises not even remotely supported by what little, if any, evidence is provided.

  9. Catamount1412


    The claims are being made by you. As such, the burden of proof is on you.

    If you have specific evidence, and scientifically credible citations for them, then they should be attached to your video info, or cited within the video itself (preferably both). It is not my job to find your evidence for you.

    If that’s too much to ask, then don’t expect people with actual science backgrounds to take you seriously when you point at pixels on a screen and go “That’s weather manipulation!”.

  10. Catamount1412


    So in other words your evidence is “there’s evidence out there, because I say so”.

    That’s about what I thought. I’ll tell you what; if you want to come to me with an actual specific citation to something credible and scientific, then I’ll give it full consideration, but until then, I think I’ll go concentrate on the REAL problems from corporations and governments, because I do care and question, certainly far too much to be dealing with something so whimsical as this.

  11. DominaElle

    @beachinbeachboy ok, I went there and did not find information that explained any rings or range limits. Could you give specific links? Also, rather than critiquing people who simply have concern and who are at least questioning things (rather than being a mindless drone), adding to the discussion is much needed from all vantage points. Please, if you have awareness that will educate people, explain. Reasonable and rational people who truly want truth will want this information.

  12. DominaElle

    @Catamount1412 Credentials? You fall for that crap? Real ‘credentials’: USING YOUR BRAIN. Most people who follow this subject have done their research. There are many government documents available, as well as information released from HAARPs various web sites (past and present), as well as information about the technology itself and how it functions. I can tell you right now that this guy has done his homework. Why shouldn’t people be questioning what corporations/governments (same) are doing?

  13. dutchsinse

    @Catamount1412 that guy is me.. and i have dozens of explanations.. and provided pleanty of data.. youre sure a late arrival to the debate…

    do some research on haarp rings

  14. Catamount1412


    What data? This entire video is essentially a guy pointing at pixels on a screen and saying “oh hey, THIS is weather manipulation, and THAT is weather manipulation”. Well based on what evidence? What scientific literature is he citing that precludes what we’re seeing on satellite data there simply being natural and ordinary? Has he consulted an actual expert on weather to ask them about what he thinks he’s seeing? Where is their response? What are his own credentials?

  15. faerychildmusic

    I can explain the ring return “anomalies”. Every area has a different radar, which scan an area which, you guessed it, scans a circular area. Not a terribly difficult concept, especially if you’re halfway decent at reading/observing radar patterns.

  16. DominaElle

    @Nivekk Please cite your links and sources because I am currently seeking to debunk this. At this juncture I cannot. You should offer more than your off the cuff opinion. Here this person is offering his perspectives using DATA. Got any???

  17. StopMKold

    Man 135 tornadoes? I knew this had to be artificial. I’ve lived in Kansas most of my life, Tornadoes are a regular thing around here, and I have NEVER been in or heard of HUNDREDS of tornadoes at a time. What was it 60 some last week? Has to be manipulation, but by whom? The U.S? China? Russia? No telling…

  18. fullpwr5516

    actually I had another thought……it could be lady gaga’s latest song being broadcast at 1 million watts from a local STL radiostation coordinating with other radio stations who were broadcasting gordon lightfoots “wreck of the edmund fitzgerald” the 2 songs on VCTTSF (very close to the same frequency) and the collision of the 2 waves was causing the moisture to dissipate at the edge of gaga’s beats against lightfoots folk in turn causing RWOFT (really wacked out freakin theory)

  19. fullpwr5516

    I think it was the keebler elves behind this conspiracy,pretending to make cookies in the trunks of trees while really beaming hypersonic 1.21 jiggawatt standing waves at different radials of the space/time continum into the atmosphere to destroy mans food supply and force us to live off of the cookies they have hidden in the trees,making us there servants

  20. Nivekk

    Hahahaha. This is hilarious to listen to how stupid this guy sounds. Does he realize how dumb he sounds? Jesus man. Spend a few minutes reading up a bit about radar technology.


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