4409 — 100% Proof your Government loves you!

www.Formula4409.com The government is just spraying Flinstones vitamins so just go black to sleep.

25 thoughts on “4409 — 100% Proof your Government loves you!

  1. Gardensandcabins

    I remember watching videos in science class in middle school.. The scientists in the video, were talking about using planes to spray tiny “mirrors” into the atmosphere, to reflect the suns rays, to stop global warming.. I am 34 now. I remember the videos like it was yesterday.. Why nobody else remembers seeing these videos, I have no idea. Nobody remembers it. I must have been the only kid paying attention that day..

  2. CelestialEmbodiment

    Mr. Mica: The aerosolized aluminum oxide propellant that’s being sprayed into our stratosphere from? tanker jet planes, and utilized in the name of terra-forming and aerial obscuration, is THE cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. What are you doing to stop the poisoning of the land and citizens of your district? — Sincerely, Richard Thripp
    P.S.: I want to hear from YOU, not a secretary.


  3. MrLETS2play

    I remember about 2 months ago when i finished soccer practice me and my coaches and my teammates noticed these stripes in the sky. My coaches were like ; I,ve never seen this before. And those trails of white cloud like thing did stayed in the sky for about 10 to 15 min.

  4. 1NWOMD

    Our founding fathers warned us about the dangers of an unchecked unaccountable government! Now we have criminals running wild with badges, titles, power trips and delusions of grandeur.

    “Government is like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
    -George Washington

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” ~Thomas Jefferson

  5. Flowercity

    Cool where do you live? Every where I travel the sky is loaded w/trails, I’ve been watching the sky since 1995 when I first noticed them in upstate NY. I’m in ATL now & they spray a lot at night so we wake up to this haze. I can hear the planes after the airport in closed. Maybe I can move there & see a nice blue sky!!

  6. DanUuNoel

    Who is amazed? After the 9/11 false flag, its pathetic cover-up, and its incredibly effective censorship, anything is possible…


  7. thebadbrown

    @GovernmentSham912 The report on paper is in micrograms per liter, if you’ll notice. You can convert it to PPM by cubing it and using this formula:

    ppm=[(microgram/metre cube)*(273+C)]/[12.187*(MW)]

    C= temperature in degree celsius(basically convert to kelvin) and
    MW=molecular weight of compound

  8. HealingVibrations

    @damnezletout most people dont want to believe the truth, its too bitter a pill to swallow. They would rather lie to themselves and pretend like everything is ok, it make theyre minds feel better. They could be in a concentration camp and they will still be saying to themselves everything is ok, basically the usa has become a huge concentration camp, you cant even get on an airline without a naked body scan, and who is going to stop this madness? The people we trust to help us are paid off.

  9. s2ktrance

    Climate tucson
    With more than 350 days of sunshine a year and a higher elevation than Phoenix ———HAY I THINK THIS CLAIM BY the AZ daily star needs be updated as i dont see even 180days of sunshine now in tucson,, so whats going on?


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