5 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Ever wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day, why people are coughing and getting sick, and why everything on the news is suddenly a crisis?… This film is handed out to anyone with a free hand where I live yet I haven’t found it on the Web so thought I’d extend its reach to…

22 thoughts on “5 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. thekingofnap

    @TrutherD1 and you believe things that come from the NSA! Thats disinformation and exactly what they want you to believe, to throw your focus. The Russians!! ha ha ha. Peace

  2. TrutherD1

    There is another potential threat aside from HAARP. Check out watch?v=udEtOc2IFO8 The info is from a reputable source… an ex-NSA whistleblower. Apparently Russia has “scalar weapons” which are the ones that can cause hurricanes, earthquakes and level cities. Could Russia and the US/West really be fighting with advanced technology without any of us being aware? :S It would make some natural sense for a two world order to emerge before a one… Food for thought. 😀

  3. Prethenie

    Thank you for the reply. Very informative. I did want to mention, while using my cell phone and computer….there are days when I need to get off, and unplug batteries….because the humming can be overwhelming. So, it seems…that too is a source for affecting us.

  4. TrutherD1

    @Prethenie What you are experiencing may be HAARP ULF and ELF energy tuned to a specific frequency. They can’t “control” your mind, but they can manipulate it between the 4 base states… affecting your mood. You can detect this with the right equipment. There should be lots of labs that will analyze your water for aluminum / barium, etc. but as for getting the govt. to recognize your sample and results, it won’t happen. All we can do is wake the world and allow real leaders to emerge.

  5. XerXesssssss

    This is partially why I am ill with no explanation. The sad thing is that this has also affected my home. I have to leave the UK and head for somewhere warmer, although I noted whilst on holiday earlier in the year, the same odd weather conditions affected the Caribbean!! Never experienced in those parts before!!!! There really is no escape to this is there? Where on Earth is safe?

    We know they are doing this, but where are they not doing this?

    My health can really take no more!!! :@

  6. Prethenie

    I have a jar of water, snow actually that has melted. When it was snowing out, this past December here in RI, it left my hair like sticky glue. I showered it out immediately. Where can I get it tested? Anyone know a trust worthy place.

  7. Prethenie

    They are doing their practice runs. There are those of us, who notice, our heads humming…like in the brain…just buzzing….and we become kind of drunk like….sort of losing our balance. All on the same days. We can call one another,,,, and confirm. I think many feel it, just do not make the correlation. The “Space Preservation Act,” once mentioned Chemtrails. Mind control, behaviour modification and such.

  8. 3rdEyeDear

    Hi handeroo2000, you’ll need a BitTorrent program such as BitTorrent, Azureus, or any other free program like that. Install one of those first (after a virus check to be safe), then when you click on Download This Torrent on piratebay it should open up a dialogue box asking if you want to save it or open it with a program. Choose to open it with the newly installed BitTorrent program and it should start. Hope this helps.

  9. handeroo2000

    aaaggghhh!!! i have been trying to download from ‘pirate bay’ but my computer does not recognize program…can’t locate program online… really want to share info here… can i get a DVD??? Somehow??? or help to download??? I worry for my kids future!!!

  10. Bullshitonline

    this shit really invites terrorism! witch then ofcourse is monitored and paid by the same world governement that invites it….? it enough now!
    I dont wanna pay for a war where there is no opponent, I dont want to pay for a terrorism board wich keep monitoring and terrorism levels high because they get paid if it is… would like to pay for fair food fair policies but the truth is far gone. Time to heal the world, this time do not ask the board the commission the high officials let try PEACE!

  11. emilita28

    1,956 views thats sad. no wonder. now ive always known ive been in the minority being a deadhead hippie militia member(or am i?all my hippie buddies are a bunch of pussies) but this is the pits man, the perpetraitors of this shit better hope i dont get a lethal diagnosis and their address,ill carry that karmic load with a smile. point being we are being poisoned from every angle, systematically trodden on and people are takin it w/a smile? at what point does it constitute self defence?illshutup

  12. IsabellaVisconti911

    I’ve learned much through Clifford Carnicom’s research. He’s been investigating Morgellon as well.

  13. URAterrorist

    What is unbelievably dumb, is someone who thinks contrails and chemtrails are the same thing. Yes any idiot knows that contrails form at high altitudes and low temperatures. Chemtrails however, form at ANY altitude and at ANY temperature. There are 4 seasons where I live. Chemtrails form in ALL of them. Iv’e only been watching this anomaly for 10 years now. If they don’t spray all night, my morning BLUE sky turns completely WHITE EVERY afternoon. This may be your memory of normal, but not mine!

  14. northerndisclosure

    We are so way beyond chance. This is real in the last week of may first week of June in Vancouver BC we were heavily sprayed and almost everybody I know got some nasty and I MEAN Nasty cold/flu/illness that devastated some of the healthiest people I know. We must start fighting back How I dont know but we have to start.

  15. JonThm

    Yuo can run a jet off water: Power with no CO2. Though you stil lget water vapour, as you do from the sea, that does deep MNF.


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