PLEASE READ – I indeed had channeled my intentions months ago and in the most profound of ways they were indeed heard & responded to. Now I don’t at all expect all of you to believe what I have to say but please hear me out as reading on a forum like this means you are already one-step ahead of most. A few months ago I “awakened” & became aware remarkably of a plot against humanity being executed leveraging subconscious vibrational patterns & frequencies embedded in electrical/mechanical products, synthesized sound, & yes planted in our surroundings as sounds of “nature” such as birds, crickets, locusts, etc. These sounds are being manipulated without our conscious awareness presumably invoking mass hypnosis but irrefutably bringing about biological/genetic changes resulting in the gradual manifestation of physical features represented by accounts of reptilians – including growth of teeth, skin change becoming more leathery/water resistant, structural changes (like vertical bulges from brow to hairline) to the skull ever so slightly (for now), enhanced vein structure particularly in the forearms/hands/feet, enhanced tendon structure in the neck area, etc. This all sounds completely bonkers I know but trust me I have confirmed all of it yet am getting “blocked” from all sides getting this out in the open, including MRI scans that I had to obtain & analyze myself as the doctors I was working with (presumably without their conscious awareness) completely disregarded doing a


  1. fifes0ul

    After a chemitrailing assault here in Scotland UK i suffer from red itchy eyes at the base of? eye lid has been persistent for upto 3 weeks now there needs to be amass demonstration to alert the masses awaken them from there unreailty world that nwo media etc has created for them

  2. Gmoooba

    There ARE other “cups of tea” than rock, hip-hop and country, you know. Perhaps you could have just written “after a loud concert”. I have been to a classical music concert, and a sort of ‘rock’-concert, but my ears didn’t ring (I did? use an earplug on the other ear, though). If your ears ring, that might be tinnitus. If you listen to loud music/noises a lot, you could easily have gotten this condition.

  3. G0FlyAKite1

    Damn your dumb.? What does that bullshit 2012 end of the world crap have anything to do with chemtrails? Not a damn thing.

  4. G0FlyAKite1

    you gotta love the clear skies in the morning/ until they start spraying, that should be a warning/ that should be? alarming & cautioning you/ aluminum & barium particulates are falling on you/ it doesn’t matter rather you like it or loath? it/ I got stacks of documents that can prove it” – Payday Monsanto

  5. MrDevastator13

    YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT. these are regular contrails. all they are are just what happens when water vapor is at high altitudes, this isnt any government cover up, i have a relative who works for the US government? he told me this. “dont believe those crazy conspriacies, the us government isnt batshit crazy like they say.” so yeah. this video is BULLSHIT.

  6. jchalsted1

    Todd, what is your education on the matter?? I participated in cloud seeding, weather modification, I was flying the damn aircraft. It was paid for by the government via a university.

  7. Todd West

    this stuff has nothing to do with UFO’s…that’s why people can’t realize this is real cause everyone jumps in with aliens, the illuminati, harrp and a million other conspiracies….geo engineering is real science you? can study at places like GA Tech….learn about it like that, not by clumping it in with UFO’s, schizophrenia, or imaginary suns….I had this garbage from jet contrails come down on me and other and cause nose bleeds, and that’s a fact jack…..so it will kill you, they’re failing

  8. Todd West

    yes, please do you ignorant sheep…so you’re? fine with jet out spray coming down like fogs? because I’ve seen it and I’m not talkin harrp or the aliens or microwaves……it’s a science project, unless you believe it is legal for aircraft engine emissions to be allowed to “drift” to earth….if so, enjoy the new pollution….I grew up around air force bases and airports…this is NOT normal jet stuff…..anyone who believe it is, is either ignorant, or stupid, and that’s the truth!

  9. Todd West

    yeah he has the wrong ideas….geo-engineering is real for purposes? of solar management and weather modification, it’s big business, real, and you pay for it. It’s not so new as it hasn’t been a determined effort until recently. Responsibility is the key, who is doing it and who is allowing it and removing those problems.

  10. Todd West

    Plane contrails have enver spread out into blankets that float down. OK, if THEY DO….do you think the EPA/Government/PEOPLE would allow that type of pollution? Really? You’re that stupid to think the EPA would not be raising hell if normal jet contrails spread out and drifted to earth. We’d all suffocate. I’ve watched the same planes “MAKE” contrails in? patterns which natural to the formation of the pattern, mathematically if you wanted particulate dispersal that is what you would do….

  11. Fake FAker

    May, just and might.? Three words that mean you’re going to do nothing. I encourage you to take the first step, help is out there.

  12. drugbunny

    It looks like they are playing an old aviator game called aerial Tic Tac Toe. I don’t know why. everyone knows the first one to go wins. What a waste.?

  13. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    They are blocking radiation from the brown? dwarf star in our solar system. Nibiru/planet x is it’s most popular name. I don’t think, I know, that is what chemtrails are for. There is no better explanation. Yes, controlling the weather, blocking our view from the second sun that we have( yes, we do; we need to accept that) are apart of the uses as well. They won’t be able to hide what’s really going on for much longer. The Russian Meteorite was a surprise.

  14. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    They contain barium, aluminum, nickel, and other “radiation” blocking chemicals? The Brown/red dwarf star is already in our solar system and they need? this to deal with the sub atomic particles being put out from this star. That meteorite that struck in Russia was deadly and there will be many more as this star is causing our asteroid belt to be off orbits. Hey, this is the truth and the fact that someone doesn’t believe it, doesn’t make any difference to me because I know it’s true.

  15. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    Chemtrails? are being sprayed to block the massive radiation coming from our visitor in our solar system SHILL and you know that. Barium(and I have the documentation from a university so shut up!!!!) and aluminum is there for that reason. Just the fact you show up here proves you are a shill and a piece of garbage. Hey bitch, I don’t make a living lying like you degenerate pieces of excrument do. I don’t have to. I have more money they you will ever make in your lifetime that I would bet on.

  16. jchalsted1

    Whoa!!! I may be famous. I’m? an airline pilot and you may have captured me at 35k making…ahhemmmm…chemtrails!!! bahhhhaahhahahahahahaah.

  17. jchalsted1

    yep. lots of chemicals in the sky that day. anyone who believes this? shit needs to take 101 chemistry and meteorology. You may get it then.


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